Saturday, 24 November 2012

Status update of Tuar Daal, Vegetables etc.

Dear All,

Sorry for late update. Here is the update on Tuar Daal (flowering now), vegetables etc.

Below the biggest Tuar Daal (Red Gram) plant I have ever seen. Height 6 feet, Width 5 feet.

It can also be seen in below video.

Sorry for not good quality video, the weather was cloudy.

Today we have got yield of

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Ladies finger
  3. Seem (fali)
  4. Bitter Gourd
  5. Tomato
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Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What's happening, no update?

Dear All,

You must be wondering what's happening, there is no update on the Farm construction, plantation etc.

Actually, everything is well.

The farm construction work is currently on hold after Neelam storm due to some personal reason under my control.

The plants are doing well, we had spread seeds of Kushmal, Red Gram and Mustard after Neelam and they have germinated as well but after that there was no rain so not doing quite well.

In the mean time we had two visitors as well and they had enjoyed and gave some plants too.

As usual, will keep updating the progress.

Thanks for your time to read and follow.

Best regards
Sheo Narayan "Farmer"

Friday, 2 November 2012

Overall progress of the farm - Tuar, House, Coconut, Vegetables etc.

Dear All,

Here is the progress of my natural Farm. In the first part of the video I show the status of Tuar (a legumes and pulses we generally etc in India) or Red Gram that was sown naturally without tilling, cultivating the land. We had just spread over the grass in the rainy season. They were amid the grass in the whole rainy season and when we cut the grass they have grown good.


After cutting the grass in the same patch, we had spread Mustard. Unfortunately there were not rain after that so they had grown a little but dried up. As we are again getting rain so we have spread Mustard again.

Later, I have show the foundation work of my house in the farm and then the status of Coconut plants, in the end of the video, I have also covered the Bitter gourd and lady finger plants status.

Hope you all are enjoying these videos :)

Please keep visiting, commenting and suggesting stuffs to me.

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Farm house construction started

Dear All,

I have just started the foundation digging work for my house in the farm. Below are some pictures.

The foundation digging cost by JCB costed INR 1700 (2 hours)

The area of the house will be around 30'x24' (Width x Length). Three bed rooms and a Baramda (portico kind of stuff in front).

I am expecting that it is going to cost me around 1.75 Lacs.

Will keep posting the update, stay tuned.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Vasant Futane visited Rameshwari Natural Farm

Dear All,

I am happy to share the news that one of the renowned organic farmer of Vidharva (Maharastra) Mr. Vasant Futane ji has visited my farm today (15-Oct-2012). He has been doing organic farming for past 30 years  in his 30 acres of land.

I love the way he entered to my farm land and started analyzing and finding out the grasses types, its root design etc. He was looking like an expert in all these things and of course he is.

Mr. Vasant Futane in the middle visiting Rameshwari Natural Farm

I had a wonderful day today discussing with him about the farm, what to do & how to do etc. He provided a many valuable inputs to improve the farm, about the plants etc.

Thank you very much Sir (Vasant Futane ji) for your time and valuable inputs. Kindly keep suggesting and guiding all of us.

To see the list of visitors till now in our farm, visit

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Sheo Narayan

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lady finger grown natural farming way

What a size!!!! The typical size of the Lady fingers today was the size of my palm, look at the Lady fingers size below.

In another plot where naturally grown grasses are there, I saw a peculiar type of nest. Perhaps this is of Humming Bird nest but not sure. What a nest !

 In below video, I have tried to compare the Lady finger planted in my neighbor's land and my land. While my neighbor uses all kinds of chemical fertilizer and pesticide; I do not use anything, not even organic pesticide.

Hope above video is convincing; at least I am convinced that my way ie. Natural Farming is a better way for farming.

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Thanks for reading, do keep the comment and suggestion flowing.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Visitors at Rameshwari Natural Farm

Here is the list of visitors at Rameshwari Natural Farm

  1. Raju Titus - a renowned name and Guru of Natural Farming in India
  2. Sarada Samantaray - Ex Software professional at a giant US company and now a full time farmer
  3. Srikanth M. - A software professional at a giant US company
  4. Ramesh L.R. - A person having sea of knowledge in technology as well as agriculture and related stuffs
  5. Naveen - A pilot and ex. manager at software company giant. Now very much interested in full time Farming
  6. Vasant Futane - An organic farmer from Vidharv, Maharastra. Doing organic farming for past 30 years.
  7. Yugandhar - A person who has amazing talent in farming related subject. Very eager to do farming.
  8. K. Suresh - A person having sea of knowledge in Farming, Permaculture. Very nice person and full of farming knowledge.
  9. Praveen - Ex banker and now a full time farming, his farm is nearby Dundigal 
  10. Sridevi - A professional and farming enthusiasts particularly interested in floriculture.
Thanks for all of you who has already visited my farm. My farm is open for all to visit, contact us to visit.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Health benefits from trees

In this thread I am going to list all the good links I will come across related with health benefits from the trees and its parts.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Do we still need proof that Natural Farming has good yield

Today, I was surprised to see the growth of the Lady fingers, look at the pictures below. The growth of Lady fingers are awesome awesome awesome (touch wood).

Below is the video of the current status

It goes without saying that we had a good harvest yesterday and a day before. We had a very good Lady finger Bhujia. Nice real lady finger taste !

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Do keep the comment and suggestion flowing.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Status update - plantation in Rameshwari Natural Farm

Here is the current status of the vegetables and fruits trees planted.

Lady finger is doing quite good. Pumpkins too. Overall I am happy with the progress we are making slowly. I had a corn from my farm today and it was yummy and tasty. Full of milk and very tasty.

Hope you have enjoyed watching the video, let me know your comment or suggestion.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Turtle in Rameshwari Natural Farm

Surprised !!!!

Me too, when today I went to my farm; we were welcomed by a Turtle. The first thing that came in my mind is that because our farm is free from Chemical fertilizer or pesticides so all different kinds of animals are also liking our farm land and coming in from outside.

The turtle was about 6" in length.

We have tried our best to make this turtle happy by putting into one of our pond. Hope he/she will feel happy about it and enjoy life.

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Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fruit and vegetable plantation at Rameshwari Natural Farm

Here is the status of Vegetable and Fruits plantation in Rameshwari Natural Farm.


The overall growth of vegetables are fine. Below is the species wise details

  1. Pumpkin - doing good
  2. Lady finger - doing good, however an insect is eating their leaves. Watch the video for the insect (mostly orange in color and little black spot, small insect)
  3. Seem - doing good
  4. Bitter guard - doing good
  5. Snake guard - doing good
  6. French Beans - doing good
  7. Beans - few plants were good rest of them are still growing
  8. Brinjal / Egg plant - doing good (2nd attempt, first seed hardly came up)
  9. Carrot - perhaps didn't know how to plant so tough to detect where are they amid grasses.
  10. Raddish - doing ok
  11. Cauliflower - same as Lady finger
  12. Cabbage - seeds hardly came up, very very small plants are there
  13. Tomato - doing good
  14. Onion - small quantity doing ok
  15. Coriander - doing good
May be because this is our first year of Natural Farming and no chemical fertilizer or pesticides so the growth is not very good. 

I also noticed that the seeds that we have planted from our own store (in house seeds), are doing excellent but the seeds that we have bought from market is not doing good and some how surviving. All seeds bought from market is from standard company and costly. Some of them were Hybrid and some were normal.

Please watch this video and suggest the measure to revive the fruits plants and overcome the insects on vegetables naturally.


Amid a lot of grasses, fruits plants are really not doing good. Below is the status
  1. Coconut - few have died, rest are some how surviving. The leaves are becoming yellow and drying. May be because of more water nearby the roots. I have noticed that some of the plants having more water nearby roots are doing good and some are becoming yellow so not sure the reason of this.
  2. Karipatta - Surviving, the leaves size has become really small
  3. Mango - Surviving
  4. Guava - Surviving, one plant's leaves have been eaten by insects.
  5. Star fruits (1) - Surviving
  6. Anjeer - One has dried up because a person passed urine on it thinking it will work as a fertilizer for that plant but it started dying. Not sure how to revive it.
  7. Jack fruits - Looks like surviving
  8. Pomogranade - doing good in comparison with others
  9. Sapota - surviving
  10. Lemon - surviving
  11. Sweet lemon - surviving, 1-2 are almost dead
  12. Bamboo - 3 have been stolen, 1 has died and 1 is doing ok
  13. Lemon grass - doing good
  14. Leechi - Amid a lot of grasses do not know where are they but they might be surviving for sure
  15. Water apple (1) - surviving
  16. Papaya - all are dead
  17. Betel nut - surviving
  18. Amla - 2-3 are dead, rest are surviving
Important: Note that before planting the fruits trees I have not get the soil checked and even I do not want to do this. I have decided to use minimal amount of modernized techniques in this farm and want to go for completely natural farming. However would like to understand why these plants are not doing good.

Thanks for reading and watching the video.

As usual, would be more than happy to hear from all of you. To get notification in the email about the new post, please subscribe by entering your email id in the right panel Subscribe box.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Current status of the vegetable plantation after mulching (natural/organic farming)

Here is the current status of the vegetable plantation after mulching. We have heavy grasses in our farm and we are cutting those grasses and mulching on the stage that we had prepared for the vegetables.

(Sorry for incorrect English in the video as I was not feeling well at the time of recording due to my finger cut)

We have planted following vegetables on the stage/trenches or raised beds

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Radish
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Tomato
  5. Lady finger
  6. Bitter guard
  7. Sim (a kind of beans)
  8. Beans
There are many benefits of mulching as you might have read about and some of them I am listing here on top of my head right now.

  1. It helps to retain moisture in the soil for longer duration that helps life of several useful insects in the soil
  2. It controls the temperature; in winter keep the soil warm and in summer keep the soil cool for the insects
  3. It decreases the need of watering/irrigation frequently
  4. It stops the weeds from germinating
  5. It stops the growth of grasses
  6. As it helps life of several useful insects in the soil and those insects keep tilling the land so no tillage is required in the mulched soil
  7. Mulches ultimately decompose itself and becomes a very good natural compost and works as a fertilizer (not chemical)
  8. You get all above FREE !!!
As said in the video, I have a lot of grasses in the farm if anyone can give me an idea on how to sow seeds on these grass fields I would be really grateful.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Farm fresh Coriander and Green gram (organic natural) - second yield from the Natural Farm

Hello everybody,

Here is the second yield of our Rameshwari Natural Farm, Coriander (of course farm fresh). This was our second effort. In the first effort we had just spread the Coriander seeds on the flat surface without digging and loosing soil and weeding (on top of the grass) and hardly one or two sprout. 

This time we spread the pond soil and there was almost no grass and spread the seeds, we get little Coriander, we started irrigating and finally we were able to harvest enough Coriander leaves for two or three days of consumption in the first harvest.

We had also spread Green Gram seeds directly, without ploughing, weeding or cutting the grasses. Because of a lot of grasses many didn't developed well  (because of water logging and on top of heavy grasses). We noticed that where there were less water logging, these Green Gram come up very well.

Above is the yield of Green Gram without any fertilizer, pesticide, ploghing, weeding. Its organic and natural (not even organic fertilizer or pesticides).

Still the taste to be checked, will update this thread shortly !

Taste of the Coriander
Awesome Awesome Awesome, we had Coriander chutney and initially the taste looks different but the more I eat the more it started tasting good. I remembered my old days of coriander (Dhania) chutney. The taste was so good that I ate half a plate of rice with just coriander chutney. Hummmmmmm...... delicious !!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

First yield from Rameshwari Natural Farm - Lady finger

Hurrah !!!!

This is the first yield of our Natural Farm - a Lady finger.

You may wonder, why we are so happy? Because this was sown by us and we have been watching its progress for last couple of days. I am feeling so so excited about it.

Seeing plants growth is a huge satisfaction and peace of mind.

Thanks for reading and watching and subscribe for our posts to get latest progress in our farm.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Progress of our Natural Farm - Rameshwari Natural Farm

Hello all,

You all might be interested to see my farm progress and here it is

I noticed that Pomogrande trees are doing really good out of several others trees we had planted. Plants that are looking good are below

  1. Coconut - good progress
  2. Karipatta - good progress
  3. Mango - stand still - no progress, some how surviving
  4. Guava - looks good, not impressive
  5. Star fruits (1) - looks good
  6. Anjeer - looks good
  7. Jack fruits - ok, surviving
  8. Pomogranade - Impressive, awesome
  9. Sapota - surviving
  10. Lemon - looks good
  11. Sweet lemon - surviving
  12. Bamboo - two are doing well, rest dried, one is stolen by unknown
  13. Lemon grass - doing well
  14. Leechi - not happy, surviving
  15. Water apple (1) - surviving
  16. Papaya - horrible, not even a single survived, may be because of a lot of water logging
  17. Betel nut - looks good, some have come up with fresh leaves
  18. Amla - surviving and doing good
Apart from above trees plants, we have also planted some vegetables like Culiflower, Tomato, Lady finger etc. but not sure how they will do.

Will update them.

Thanks for reading and do not forget to subscribe for the posts to get new posts directly into your email.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here is the outcome of bore well drilling

After spending countless number of hours and spending 90K+ INR here is the result of the bore well.

Its just giving 1 hour water from 1" pipe, may be about 2000 liters and then drying up. Is there any way to revive this?

Your feedback and comments are welcome. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Raju Titus sir visited my farm today

Hello everybody,

I am so excited today (13-Jul-2012) that Raju Titus Sir (a renowned and respected personality of Natural Farming in India) visited my natural farm today.

Thanks for Yugandhar and Pawan for arranging my meeting with Raju sir and thanks a lot to Raju sir for giving me enough time.

It was priceless moment for me when this legend stepped into my natural farm. He advised many things and appreciated my effort for last few weeks I have been doing in my farm.

I have been reading about natural farming for last couple of months and knowledge given by Raju sir was like a boost in whatever I am doing. All his suggestion and knowledge was worth listening and implementing. I am going to implement all his suggestion to the extent possible for me.

I had also an opportunity to take him to my house where he meets my family. We as a family enjoyed the whole visit and I hope Raju sir too!

Thank you very very much Raju Sir, I am blessed to have you in my farm and opportunity to meet and talk with you.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bore well drilling is done - got duck or swan ?

If you are following my post, you must be knowing that how frustrated I am with the bore well drillers , finally I have managed to get hold of one bore well drillers and the vehicle arrived after a month approximately. On 5-Jul-2012, the bore well drilling vehicle arrived.

Below is the video after just finishing the worshiping.

It all started at about 2.00 PM. First few feet (about 5 feet), its soil after that moram (red small stone mixed of soil) and then black moram. At 80 feet rock started and till 390 feet, it is complete rock. Earlier I had decided to drill only till 250 feet or so but after not seeing even a single drop of water I decided to let it go. In every feet I was loosing few hundred rupees but I let it go.

At 390, the drilling stopped as the bore well drillers get exhausted with their pipe. At this point we started getting some moist rocks or  you can say muddy stone particles. They went for the additional pipe (its another story how resistance were they to bring the pipe). After 2-3 hours again the drilling started and immediately after starting the drilling we got water coming out from the bore well as due to gap of 2-3 hours some water got deposited in the well.

Again when things started, we get water intermittently at around 420 feet 435 feet and then again all rock. The bore well drillers and others sitting their declared this as failure bore well. It was about 11.00 PM. I was thinking to get another point and decided to get one more drilling.

After first drilling, I was already loosing whopping INR 46,000/-, this includes only drilling charges. If I would go for another bore well I would loose close to 1 lakh just for drilling with all uncertainty whether I would get proper water or not. Loosing hard earned money like this is really painful experience, believe me. However, I thought let it go because if water is there all looks green otherwise its difficult.

Below is the expenses details
Bore well drilling first 200 feet - 43 per feet = 8600/-
next 100 feet 53 per feet = 5300/-
next 100 feet 70 per feet = 7000/-
next 100 feet 95 per feet = 5225/-
Initial 80 feet drilling with wider pipe for casing 120 per feet = 9600/- (surprisingly this should have been excluded in the initial 200 feet, but it is not. I do not understand the logic).
Labor charges = 600/-
Transportation charges = 600/-
Casing charges = 8000/-
Total = 44925/- + additional misc. expenses

At around 1.00 AM, bore well people decided to start the drilling another point in the morning. We also went to sleep and again woke up by 5.00 AM morning.

At 5.00 AM we come again and dropped few small stones and we got the water sound after 9.00 seconds (so the water is at 88.2 meters approx - 9 seconds * 9.8 meter that comes around 283 feet). The bore well people said we can go ahead with this bore well with single phase motor and this is enough for an apartment like need but not for the farming.

As I am planning for natural farm where I feel there is no huge water requirement so I thought lets try this. I got the casing done till 80 feet and have left it as it is.

Will update this when I got the motor and start getting water out of it.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Digging farm pond

After planting fruits trees, I noticed that there was gap of rain and my plants were looking dull. As I have already tired following up Bore well guys so decided to get the small pond dug.

Have manged to dug two ponds (small in size - 20'x10'10' - w, h, d).

It took 3 hours for 1 JCB to dug 20 feet length, 10 feet width and 10 feet dept pond.

The first pond has been dug in almost center of the farm and the 2nd one is dug almost last of the farm. The idea is to store the rain water and then water these plants with it. It may also work as percolation tank so that rain water percolates to the ground to increase the water level.

A lot of work needs to be done, going step by step and slowly.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Planting fruits trees in my natural farm

After spreading rice + green gram seeds and sowing some vegetables seeds, we have just started planting some fruits trees.

We have got the seedlings from the famous nursery in Sangareddy and below are the plants names we had bought

  1. Coconut
  2. Karipatta
  3. Mango
  4. Guava
  5. Star fruits (1)
  6. Anjeer
  7. Jack fruits
  8. Pomogranade
  9. Sapota
  10. Lemon
  11. Sweet lemon
  12. Bamboo
  13. Lemon grass
  14. Leechi
  15. Water apple (1)
  16. Papaya
  17. Betel nut 
  18. Amla
The total cost of the plants (around 125 in number) were about INR 14K including transportation. The labor charges of planting each plant was INR 30.

We spent around INR 20K in total to plant almost 125 seedlings.

Initially the plan to plant coconut trees were to base on Bhaskar Save surjmandal methodology but I felt the distance between two trees where very less (6 feets and then he cut down 3 trees in a surajmandal, so even if I was keeping 8 trees I felt the distance is too less for the leaves to spread) so I decided to go ahead with the traditional boundary approach. I have planted coconuts at the distance of 15-16 feets in between and the distance from the boundary is almost 10 feets.

Mango trees are planted almost 20 feets distance from the coconut trees and 40 feets distance from each other. Then bottom top approach is followed, means smaller trees starting from east side and as we go west the taller trees are planted. For example starting from east to west, Leechi, Sapota, Pomogranade, Amla, Mango, Coconut.

All the fruits trees apart from Coconut and Mango are planted at the divider of the plots so that the sun lights doesn't spread across the plots and I can sow some seasonal plants or paddy as well even when the plant grows bigger.

I know I am not the best but whatever limited knowledge I have, I just thought the best and have planned the trees plantation. Lets see how it goes in years to come.

Of course some plants like Manago (two crops a year), Star fruits, Lemon grass, Pomogranade, Anjeer, Karipatta, Betel nut have been planted nearby the plot I am going to construct home.

Any suggestions or feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is this one of the reason of low production, it happens only in India?

First time I went to any seeds shop to buy some seeds to sow in my farm. The seed shop I choose was very famous in that area. I blindly went there and asked for seeds of some vegetables. I got Brinjaj, Spinach, Coriander etc.

I was so happy and came to home. Just to know more about the seeds, I took one packet and to my surprise I noticed that that seeds packed is expired one. Means the expiry date of the seeds was  month back date and still that shopkeeper has sold it to me.

I called to the company of the seed written on the pouch and they said from where I had bought and then they asked what was the amount I have paid and then he cut down the phone. When I again called they said for such a little amount I can't do anything. Then I called to the shopkeeper and he said negligently that I can come to return. Now just to return this pouch I have to travel almost 40KM.

Here my concern was not to get my money back but to get the correct and fresh seeds not the expired one.

Recently I got chance to go to that shop too and I told the same thing that they had given me expired seeds and they took it easy saying that no one cares about expiry date in the seeds (if so then expiry date should not have written on the pouch) and even 2 out of hundreds seeds germinate it is good. Even that shopkeeper was at fault he has not even 1% of guilty feeling or regret that he is selling expired seeds. I happen to go to another shop too and to my surprise that shop also had almost all packets of expired seeds.

I was wondering where is the agriculture dept, where are people who are buying expired seeds; no one cares for it?

Is it one of the reason of getting less production and ultimately the poor condition of the farmers? I am 100% sure expired products are not sold anywhere, it happens only in INDIA!

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know your feedback.

Spread seeds over the land - not sure if something will come up

As there was very good rain in Hyderabad and making rice pellets were taking considerable amount of time so I decided to spread the seeds over the rain water irrigated land. I did it based on some knowledge I had got by reading books of natural farming.

I remember somewhere I had read that rice pellets or any seed balls are made to safeguard the seeds from the birds, ants etc. we can directly spread the seeds as well and I thought perhaps this the best time to experiment it. I just spread the seeds of rice+green gram. As there were some broken sticks kinds of plants through out the land and dried grass so the seeds were not visible clearly after spreading.

Apart from rice+green gram, I also spread red gram, lady finger seeds. Have also planted pumpkin, seem, coriander, spinach.

I do not have great expectation from this first year of the effort, if I get something to eat out of it I will be happy :)

If someone has any advice to sow the seed without tilling, ploughing the field and what crops should I sow for the first year, kindly let me know.

Thanks and thanks for reading.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Preparing Rice + Green Gram seed balls (pellets) for rice cultivation

After heavy rain in Hyderabad and in my farm village too, I thought lets take this opportunity to sow some rice too. I bought 5 KG rice and 8 KG moong (green gram) and mixed them. Have already managed to get the pond land (about 30 tractor teller) throughout my farm land.

Being the advocate of Natural farming by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or websites I wanted to prepare rice bolls (pellets) and here is what I did.

This is our first attempt and first crop cultivation effort in our natural farm. We have mixed the seeds of rice and green gram and preparing clay balls (the soil has been taken from the nearby pond).

After preparing the rice pellets, we have spread it to the land after every 1 feet. Will show the result in few days.

As it was very less time for us as the rain came next day too, we have spread only in one plot. We need to do it for some more plots too, will do it today.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cutting down dried unwanted plant from the farm land - is it the best way?

Throughout the farm land, I had unwanted stick kind of plants (I do not know the name of the plant). It was completely dried and was looking like sticks standing on top of the land. I had to find way to bring them down. As I am going to go with the Natural Farming so I do not want to use Tractor to plough or till the field (however this was the easier way to bring down these unwanted plants).

The other option for me was to take a stick and bring them down one by one (I have done this for three plot myself). But this was a very time consuming task and tiring task. I had to find the quick and smart way to cut down these dried plants.

I spent some time to think on it and then an Idea came to my mind. I had a bamboo that was left over after preparing the farm gate. I thought why not attach two thread with the bamboo and pull it using Motorcycle so that all these dried plants will come down. I decided to do it and went to the farm, after seeing the farm land I decided to pull the bamboo manually not using Motorcycle. Below is the result (Sorry for grammatical mistakes or expression mistakes in my commentary in the video)

Before - When I started pulling bamboo (bamboo was pulled two times in the land before taking this video)


 After - pulling the bamboo several times (5-6), below is the end result.

Surprisingly my idea worked and whole land is flat now, all the unwanted stick kind of dried plant came down to the earth. I am sure that is going to work as a mulch or organic manure.

Do you think I could have done better than this to cut down these dried unwanted plants, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Natural Farm Gate - Is it looking natural?

Do not laugh after seeing my natural farm gate :). I managed to buy some bamboo from nearby and transported to my farm (myself - Binding from my bike with a thick thread and pulled).

Got Tangi and Garasa (equipment to tear and cut the bamboo) and did all work myself. No skilled labor from outside.

After almost whole day work, here is the result below. This is still not finished product, I need to bind some more small pieces of Bamboo in between as the space in between the doors are more. Hope after filling the space in between the doors of the gate will look goood.

The fingers that are used to type like a robot on the computer keyboard, hands that are used to hold computer mouse, mind that is used to think about programming has been used to cut/tear the bamboo, and think how the gate should be architected, holding the gate & fixing in the stone pole.

It was of course a tiring work, got hurt at many places in fingers. Few drops of blood came out. However for me it is looking good to go ahead for now.

What do you think?

Got frustrated with the bore well drillers - what kind of service is this?

After waiting for long time, we had finalized to get the bore well done. We contacted the bore well drillers and got the date of 8-Jun-2012. We had given advance money as well.

He promised to come by 8.00 AM in the morning. When I called him one day before he asked me to call at 5.00 AM, I did so and then he said call at 8.00 AM and I called him and he said come at 12.00 PM.

I went to my farm and since then I was keep calling and he used to give another time every after few hours like 2.00 PM, 4.00 PM and then 7.00 PM.

Ultimately I was so frustrated at 7.00 PM because since morning we were waiting for him, not only me but my neighbors too but this guy didn't so up.

When I called at the 7.00 PM he even didn't pickup the call. I get it called my local person from whom I had got this reference even he didn't pick up the call. When I called 4th time he said because he didn't know the position of the bore well vehicle so he were not picking up the call.

At 7.00 PM we decided not to go with this guy.

This raises one point that I was noticing for last several years living in Hyderabad. Getting service in Hyderabad is very tough and frustrating. Most of the service providers (hopefully some might be good and I want to get in touch with those guys only) doesn't have ethics, value of words etc. They just keep making false promises.

I have felt this not only this time but many other times when I try to get some services like Plumbing, Carpenter, Car etc.

So finally the bore well drilling plan is canceled. Wasted whole day time, money and got duck. Huh !

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Getting ready for the bore well in my natural farm, wish us good luck !

Dear All,

I am all set to go for the bore well this week, have got time from the bore well drillers this week and waiting for the day.

Have got the bore well point from the Pandit ji who has done the Bhumi Poojan, this point is almost on the same place where I was forecasting that water might be here.

Let's see.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to buy agricultural (farming) land in Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad)

Recently I have bought agricultural land for my natural farm I am going to plan. I have gone through many hassles, confusions etc and I want to pen down here so that it will help others folks who want to do the same.

I am writing this in point wise so that it will be easier to understand

  1. First I was searching for agricultural land and browsed many websites, googled about agricultural land. Called many folks over phone number I got from websites. Many folks promised that they are going to see the land and come back. Many folks said there is no land in my budget. Many said that you will have to go 100 KM from Hyderabad. My budget was 3-5 lacs per acres. 
  2. Finally I called this broker on this Shivratari and he said that a land is available in my budget. I and my family immediately followed him and saw the land (27KM from my flat). In the first look, I liked it. The location, place and surroundings was good.
  3. I told the broker that I want to buy this land. We went to a local person and through him we talked with the owner of the land over phone (generally brokers doesn't allow to talk with the owner immediately but this broker was good enough).
  4. We decided a place to meet nearby Patancheru, Hyderabad and immediately meet there. We came up with some negotiations. The price of the land was much more than my budget however the location and locality was good to I dared to buy this land.
  5. We went to owner's house and got the original paper (Registration paper and pass book) xeroxed.
  6. Came back to home and started taking suggestions from friends and colleagues. Many folks suggested to go for legal opinion, EC, get the bore well point before buying etc. 
  7. Got the measurement of the land done. I had insisted to bring a good person for the measurement and the broker said he will. He brought one old aged person who measured that land with Karis (iron chain) and told that land measurement is correct. I insisted for the map and plot numbers on the map. He took 2K for this, much more than told by the broker.
  8. After few days he gave a map with length and width of the area on a waste paper, I was on top of the temper that measurement guys has not even spend a rupee to buy a good paper for this. I insisted for a good map with plot number written on it but till now I am waiting. People are cheaters here also, beware of them. The lesson learnt is do not give total amount unless your work is done!
  9. I got the EC of the land.
  10. I talked with Patwari of the village and he said ok for this land. They are so lazy that he even updated his record by seeing the xerox paper I had taken for this land. He took 200 rupee and was asking for 500, strange !
  11. After a lot of confusion about the plot number (survey number), I decided to get some opinion as suggested by many friends.
  12. I went to a legal adviser (an advocate) who is known to one my family friend and he saw the paper and told to bring Khasra Pahani (the land record for last 50+ years). 
  13. It took me around a month to get the Khasra Pahani and couple of thousands of rupees.
  14. Took the Khasra Pahani to the Advocate, this time he says that looks good but where is the village map, I showed him village map that I had got from broker. The map condition was pitiable, almost broken, teared from every corner. The advocate says "Even God can't tell where is the land on this map". I said what is the solution, the advocate said if you believe them, buy this land otherwise forget about it. If you have to buy this, first get the fencing done before agreement itself and then go for agreement. You all know that no land lord will allow to get the fencing done before agreement. 
  15. I called the broker and said the same thing; at this point I had made my mind and that I am not going to buy the land.
  16. The broker called one fine day and ask me to come to MRO office to inquire about this land. I went there with half mind. Talked with Patwari there and many others who were available, got the map of the village and was trying to figure out where is the survey number for this land. As the map was not clearly visible, no one could tell where is the survey numbers.
  17. The broker said that Tahshildar ( or I do not know the official name - the person who measure the land in that area) is out to another land and will come by 3 PM and I can talk with him. I waited for about 6 and was disappointed and was planning to come back. After few minutes this person came, I went to him and asked for the map and survey number on this map. 
  18. He showed me the map and survey numbers on the map, it was satisfying and I could convince that this land is genuine. I got the xerox of the map for my purpose and another local person along with me said give him 200 rupee but Tahshildar didn't take any money. Surprisingly the assistant of the Tahshildar came outside and was asking for money  and I paid INR 100 too.
  19. After verifying the EC, Khasra Pahani, Village Map, talking with the neighbors, Patwari I was satisfied and convinced about this land.
  20. I decided to go ahead with this land. I asked for the agreement and we got it done. Paid the money through account payee cheques.
The next step was fencing of this land, you can read more about fencing my farm land here.

Huh! a long story about how to buy agricultural land. It was tiring experience, very confusing, frustrating, discouraging but ultimately got satisfaction for what I wanted to do. I hope this will help someone like me who wanted to buy agricultural land and was searching for help on how to go ahead with this.

Thanks for patience in reading this long 20 steps processes.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bhumi poojan completed

Got the Bhumi poojan done and back home. Awesome experience !

Here is the first look of Rameshwari Natural Farm

Hope you will like it!

Thanks !!!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Inviting all for the Bhumi pooja at my farm

Dear all,

I and my family cordially invite you all for the Bhumi Poojan tomorrow (30-May-2012) at 6.00 AM in Amdoor village nearby Begampet (It is around 12.5 KM from Patancheur to Daulatabad road), Patancheur, Hyderabad. From Begumpet, turn right and go to the road that goes to Amdoor village around 2 KM. Nearby a transformer in the left, right side you will see a fencing plot.

Any difficulty, please call on +91-77025-60638.


Today is the day - got the farm land registered

Today is the day (28-May-2012), I got my dream land (for Natural Farm) registered. There is a long way to go to fulfill my dream of living in a natural farm. This is just a beginning ....

It took around 50K to get the registration done (the cost including registration charges, bribes etc.), I was surprised that even if your documents are correct and authentic, you will need to give extra money to the registration offices. Its INDIA boss!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My neighbor burnt the mulches from my farm

The neighbor of my farm (who is not bad and behaves nicely) had kept some mulches from his land to my farm (Marigold dried stems, some grasses, brinjal's dried steps etc), last to last week we had gone to my farm and was happy to see that we got some free mulch :)

However, when I gone to my farm again, I noticed that he has collected all mulch from my land and burnt. I think he did with good intention of keeping my land clean and I got the point but that is not what I wanted !

When I asked from him he said, if he will not burnt the mulches will spread around the farm land so he collected at one place and burnt :). All who knows about Natural Farming may tell him as fool as he burn the mulches but this is what I have noticed most of the farmers in Andhra pradesh do. They collect the mulches from the land and burn it.

Is it right to say that I know little better than them in terms of farming knowledge that Mulch is not the thing to burn but to save and spread over the land :), its like money on the land that keeps moisture in the land, become organic manure after few days or weeks.

What do you say, am i right?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Digging a deep into APWALTA act 2002

Was searching for water harvesting techniques as the ground water anywhere in the world is declining day by day. While digging for water harvesting, I came to know about APWALTA act (Andhra Pradesh Water Land and Tree Act (2002) that was later amended in 2004.

There is a mis conception among people that this act restrict people from digging bore well within the vicinity of 250 meters, that is true in case existing bore well is a source of drinking water for the public in common. This act doesn't tell anything about the irrigation bore well in the vicinity.

Of course, people should take permission if such bore well is being dug within the vicinity of 250 meters of public drinking water source. There is also terms of seeking permission for any bore wells in general that allows people to claim for insurance amount of Rs. 10,000/- in case bore well fails to give proper water. However the permission taking costs money of approximately Rs. 1200.

This is what I could interpret after reading hundreds of pages document related with AP WALTA act. If anybody want to clarify any of its point related with what I have mentioned above, you are welcome.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Spread a lot of live fencing seeds nearby the border of the farm

I was so excited that I couldn't stop myself from spreading live fencing seeds across the border of the Farm. These seeds I collected from nearby my apartment. There are a lot of trees nearby my apartment and it looks something like "Caesalpinia Sappan" but not exactly same.

Apart from those seeds also spread Pumpkins, Papaya etc.

Even if one or two of those seeds germinate, I will be more than happy !


Joined water harvesting group rainwaterharvesting

I was searching for techniques interested in Rain Water Harvesting and found this group "rainwaterharvesting".

Good group to start with


Friday, 18 May 2012

Joined "fukuoka_farming" yahoo group

In search of people interested in Natural farming, I found Mr. Raju Titus blog and from there I found this nice yahoo group

If you are interested in Natural farming, you will find like minded people in this group. I found members of this group very helpful and co-operative.

Perhaps a good group to be in.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Got the fencing done for my Natural Farm

The land we got in Hyderabad, the first thing I decided to get the fencing done.

Earlier people said it would take around 52K to get the fencing done but it came around 1.25 Lacs to get it done. Almost triple from the budget.

Here are the details

The total boundary area : 2600 fit (approx)
Number of poles (stone poles of 6.5 fit) : 340 @ INR 135 each = Rs. 45900
645 KG barbed wire @66 per kg : Rs. 42570
Labour charge to get the fencing done (Rs. 73 per pole including wire fixation) : Rs. 24820
Miscellaneous charges (like transportation, binding wire etc) : Rs. 12000/-

Total : Rs. 1.25 Lacs approximately.

One thing I noticed that now after fencing the land is looking beautiful and large. Spent almost triple the amount of budget, was not expecting this much but I had to get this done.

What's next? Need some more work, will keep updating here.

I did see another land in Hyderabad

I did see another land in Hyderabad and the agreement is done.

Little bit about how it happened.

One fine day (Shivratri), I just called one of the broker number I had get from Internet and he said that one land is available. I immediately scheduled a visit on the same day. We all (complete family) went and saw that land, it was around 3 acres land, pure agricultural land. Just beside this land, Brinjal, Chillies, Onions, Paddies and others stuffs are planted. Two bore wells are also beside this land, not in this land.

In one look I loved it and decided to buy it. Broker talked with the land lord and we went to the land lord house and took all the xerox of the document.

Was trying to bargain the price and after several days of whether I can afford or not and talking with Broker, Land lord we settled down with the final price.

Got the measurement done (a long story short, here also I got frustration but little less), please takes money but do not do things right.

We were planning for the registration however people suggested to go for the legal advice and I was approaching an advocate. I went to him and he asked for Khasra Pahani (a document that tells the complete ownership story about that land). It took money and a lot of time to get that document.

I got the document and then again a lot of things happened, finally I went to the MRO (Municipal Office) and saw the village map and was convinced about it.

I decided to buy this land and got the agreement done !

It was 5-Apr-2012 !!!!

Finally I didn't buy that land

Finally I didn't buy that land. It was too complicated to deal with that broker.

I lost around 50K rupees in cash and got a lot of frustration.

Do not want to discuss that topic any further it gives pain as I was quite hopeful about it.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was disappointed

With all zeal and self encouragement, I had gone to buy the land. But after seeing the land, I was not very happy. It was not as explained by the broker.

A lot of things happened and I am still in confusion whether to buy the land or not. You know broker never tells truth so there are many stuffs that I am getting from left-right side or after directly talking with the land lord.

Confused and disappointed, huh!

But still the search is on .....

Hope to see something great soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Farming videos on

For last several months, I am keep watching farming videos of (especially Natural Farming, Zero Budget Farming, Organic Farming).

There are not a lot but few of the videos are awesome and they tell real story. Mr. Bhaskar Save, Mr. Subhas Phalekar and others Indian videos are real story videos and they tells the truth.

Videos from other countries tells about Organic farming but actually they are not. The only difference is that they do not use Chemical but the methodology of preparing the organic fertilizer is completely mechanised so its not natural and it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare them.

Indian videos and farming methodology shown in those videos are out of the box. They do not talk about machine, even a tractors.

Indian farming are no tilling, no ferilizing, no pesticid, no chemical, no hard work farming. Its awesome, Our ancestors were great master piece.

Some of the Indian chamchas of gore people have made India like this that is why farmers are doing suicide and still these so called Indians are dominating because of their money power and influence.

Follow the Indian ancient methodology of Farming and become peaceful and rich !@@!!!


Writing from Airport...... .

Sometimes I think whether it is right?

I talked with some of my near and dear folks about my decision that I am going to go ahead with the Farming and looking for land.

I hardly find anyone who tells its a good decision.

One of my friend who is Chartered Accountant said its close to suicide. Farmers in India suicide what you will do with the farming except suicide. But I feel is this right, when I think patiently I feel its not. After all we all are one or the other way belog from farmers family and we have grown up seeing all these things.

After reading a lot of books, articles, watching a lot of videos I feel its not close to suicide. Perhaps there is a big gap in terms of knowledge on how to do farming. There are hardly few farmers who are really successful but Govt. and other agencies do not encourage them and spread the knowledge about it due to their vested interest.

The next 5-10 years will be of Indians and India will grow many folds. Naturally people will eat and they will eat good food. The polution will grow, the life style will change and ultimately many folks will be out of race due to life style diseases and many will give up.

I think this is the right time to move forward and try something unique and that is what I am going to do.

Someone may say I think too much or I am mean minded. At least I do not care as long as I feel whatever I am going to do is right and I feel whatever I am thinking is right and I can do farming easily. I may not earn millions but I will earn a good health for myself and my family for sure.

Health is wealth @@@@~!!!!!

Writing from the Airport.

On the Airport and writing this post

All set to go to see the land and surroundings. Presently at Hyderabad International Airport.

Hoping for the best, lets see.

Amid many surprises who knows :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It takes a lot of time to pass when you wait for something

Am waiting to fly on Friday and it seems like days are not passing ;)

Few weeks before it used to be so fast, when Monday comes and then Sunday I used to feel it yesterday was Monday and again its Monday but this weeks waiting for Friday and its looking like weeks to come Friday from Wednesday !!!!

You must be thinking that I do not have patience, yes I do not have patience for at least this cause !!!

Lets see!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flying to see the land and its surroundings

This weekend I am flying to see the land and its surroundings. Tried a lot to spot the land in Google map as per the description given by the broker but couldn't find it.

Lets see if I see any new surprise while seeing the land.

Land is not that much as promised by the Broker

At the time of discussed, the broker told that the land is 4 acres but after measurement it just got 3 acres only. Again they were telling lie.

Do not know how much more such incident I need to face.

Keep following and I shall share all ....

Not sure if I will be able to create a good small farm in 3 acres of land.


Land is not that much as promised by the Broker

At the time of discussed, the broker told that the land is 4 acres but after measurement it just got 3 acres only. Again they were telling lie.

Do not know how much more such incident I need to face.

Keep following and I shall share all ....

Not sure if I will be able to create a good small farm in 3 acres of land.


Monday, 6 February 2012

Finally the land measurement is going on today ....

Finally heard that the land measurement is going on at the site.

Its a 10 acres land so land owners of nearby area have come to ensure that the measurement is right. I am just getting few acres from this big chunk.

Just heard that back side of this land there is a river and it is pure tand (waste land), no cultivation has been done till now. Still I need to see this personally with my own eyes.

Lets see what happens in the evening.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Again got cheated by the broker

As expected, today also the broker said at the last moment that land measurement will not be done and it will be done tomorrow for sure.

But I know it will not be, not sure what's going on there .....

Todays is the long day

After a long wait, finally my broker said that today we are going to measure the land.

Lets see if this is going to happen or this is also one of the fake promises by those guys.

Hope everything will be alright, finger crossed.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Broker broker everywhere

Was in search of land for starting a farm. It takes month to find out the land, naturally through broker. It seems there are hardly any land sale ads available for direct sale.

There are many broker who misguide people and scare them. Land with no value is hyped by these brokers. For a normal person, its became a nightmare to buy a farming land in India. There are acres of land available in India but neither the land owner is cultivating anything nor he sells the land because of false promises by brokers.

When I zeroed in to few lands, because of broker play I realized buying land is like meeting with God. Still struggling with the long process and false promises by brokers. The price of lands have gone up like anything and I found that it is more because of these brokers commissions.

"Broker broker everywhere" ...

Beware of them.

Welcome to Rameshwari Natural Farm

Dear All,

We have just now booked a new domain today and have created this blog as well. will be the platform for us to spread knowledge about Farming (in particular Natural Farming) to the whole world.

Keep it up!

Good luck and congratulations!!!

Bread and butter in your mouth.