Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was disappointed

With all zeal and self encouragement, I had gone to buy the land. But after seeing the land, I was not very happy. It was not as explained by the broker.

A lot of things happened and I am still in confusion whether to buy the land or not. You know broker never tells truth so there are many stuffs that I am getting from left-right side or after directly talking with the land lord.

Confused and disappointed, huh!

But still the search is on .....

Hope to see something great soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Farming videos on YouTube.com

For last several months, I am keep watching farming videos of YouTube.com (especially Natural Farming, Zero Budget Farming, Organic Farming).

There are not a lot but few of the videos are awesome and they tell real story. Mr. Bhaskar Save, Mr. Subhas Phalekar and others Indian videos are real story videos and they tells the truth.

Videos from other countries tells about Organic farming but actually they are not. The only difference is that they do not use Chemical but the methodology of preparing the organic fertilizer is completely mechanised so its not natural and it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare them.

Indian videos and farming methodology shown in those videos are out of the box. They do not talk about machine, even a tractors.

Indian farming are no tilling, no ferilizing, no pesticid, no chemical, no hard work farming. Its awesome, Our ancestors were great master piece.

Some of the Indian chamchas of gore people have made India like this that is why farmers are doing suicide and still these so called Indians are dominating because of their money power and influence.

Follow the Indian ancient methodology of Farming and become peaceful and rich !@@!!!


Writing from Airport...... .

Sometimes I think whether it is right?

I talked with some of my near and dear folks about my decision that I am going to go ahead with the Farming and looking for land.

I hardly find anyone who tells its a good decision.

One of my friend who is Chartered Accountant said its close to suicide. Farmers in India suicide what you will do with the farming except suicide. But I feel is this right, when I think patiently I feel its not. After all we all are one or the other way belog from farmers family and we have grown up seeing all these things.

After reading a lot of books, articles, watching a lot of videos I feel its not close to suicide. Perhaps there is a big gap in terms of knowledge on how to do farming. There are hardly few farmers who are really successful but Govt. and other agencies do not encourage them and spread the knowledge about it due to their vested interest.

The next 5-10 years will be of Indians and India will grow many folds. Naturally people will eat and they will eat good food. The polution will grow, the life style will change and ultimately many folks will be out of race due to life style diseases and many will give up.

I think this is the right time to move forward and try something unique and that is what I am going to do.

Someone may say I think too much or I am mean minded. At least I do not care as long as I feel whatever I am going to do is right and I feel whatever I am thinking is right and I can do farming easily. I may not earn millions but I will earn a good health for myself and my family for sure.

Health is wealth @@@@~!!!!!

Writing from the Airport.

On the Airport and writing this post

All set to go to see the land and surroundings. Presently at Hyderabad International Airport.

Hoping for the best, lets see.

Amid many surprises who knows :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It takes a lot of time to pass when you wait for something

Am waiting to fly on Friday and it seems like days are not passing ;)

Few weeks before it used to be so fast, when Monday comes and then Sunday I used to feel it yesterday was Monday and again its Monday but this weeks waiting for Friday and its looking like weeks to come Friday from Wednesday !!!!

You must be thinking that I do not have patience, yes I do not have patience for at least this cause !!!

Lets see!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flying to see the land and its surroundings

This weekend I am flying to see the land and its surroundings. Tried a lot to spot the land in Google map as per the description given by the broker but couldn't find it.

Lets see if I see any new surprise while seeing the land.

Land is not that much as promised by the Broker

At the time of discussed, the broker told that the land is 4 acres but after measurement it just got 3 acres only. Again they were telling lie.

Do not know how much more such incident I need to face.

Keep following and I shall share all ....

Not sure if I will be able to create a good small farm in 3 acres of land.


Land is not that much as promised by the Broker

At the time of discussed, the broker told that the land is 4 acres but after measurement it just got 3 acres only. Again they were telling lie.

Do not know how much more such incident I need to face.

Keep following and I shall share all ....

Not sure if I will be able to create a good small farm in 3 acres of land.


Monday, 6 February 2012

Finally the land measurement is going on today ....

Finally heard that the land measurement is going on at the site.

Its a 10 acres land so land owners of nearby area have come to ensure that the measurement is right. I am just getting few acres from this big chunk.

Just heard that back side of this land there is a river and it is pure tand (waste land), no cultivation has been done till now. Still I need to see this personally with my own eyes.

Lets see what happens in the evening.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Again got cheated by the broker

As expected, today also the broker said at the last moment that land measurement will not be done and it will be done tomorrow for sure.

But I know it will not be, not sure what's going on there .....

Todays is the long day

After a long wait, finally my broker said that today we are going to measure the land.

Lets see if this is going to happen or this is also one of the fake promises by those guys.

Hope everything will be alright, finger crossed.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Broker broker everywhere

Was in search of land for starting a farm. It takes month to find out the land, naturally through broker. It seems there are hardly any land sale ads available for direct sale.

There are many broker who misguide people and scare them. Land with no value is hyped by these brokers. For a normal person, its became a nightmare to buy a farming land in India. There are acres of land available in India but neither the land owner is cultivating anything nor he sells the land because of false promises by brokers.

When I zeroed in to few lands, because of broker play I realized buying land is like meeting with God. Still struggling with the long process and false promises by brokers. The price of lands have gone up like anything and I found that it is more because of these brokers commissions.

"Broker broker everywhere" ...

Beware of them.

Welcome to Rameshwari Natural Farm

Dear All,

We have just now booked a new domain www.farmingfunda.com today and have created this blog as well.

FarmingFunda.com will be the platform for us to spread knowledge about Farming (in particular Natural Farming) to the whole world.

Keep it up!

Good luck and congratulations!!!

Bread and butter in your mouth.