Thursday, 2 February 2012

Broker broker everywhere

Was in search of land for starting a farm. It takes month to find out the land, naturally through broker. It seems there are hardly any land sale ads available for direct sale.

There are many broker who misguide people and scare them. Land with no value is hyped by these brokers. For a normal person, its became a nightmare to buy a farming land in India. There are acres of land available in India but neither the land owner is cultivating anything nor he sells the land because of false promises by brokers.

When I zeroed in to few lands, because of broker play I realized buying land is like meeting with God. Still struggling with the long process and false promises by brokers. The price of lands have gone up like anything and I found that it is more because of these brokers commissions.

"Broker broker everywhere" ...

Beware of them.

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