Thursday, 24 May 2012

Digging a deep into APWALTA act 2002

Was searching for water harvesting techniques as the ground water anywhere in the world is declining day by day. While digging for water harvesting, I came to know about APWALTA act (Andhra Pradesh Water Land and Tree Act (2002) that was later amended in 2004.

There is a mis conception among people that this act restrict people from digging bore well within the vicinity of 250 meters, that is true in case existing bore well is a source of drinking water for the public in common. This act doesn't tell anything about the irrigation bore well in the vicinity.

Of course, people should take permission if such bore well is being dug within the vicinity of 250 meters of public drinking water source. There is also terms of seeking permission for any bore wells in general that allows people to claim for insurance amount of Rs. 10,000/- in case bore well fails to give proper water. However the permission taking costs money of approximately Rs. 1200.

This is what I could interpret after reading hundreds of pages document related with AP WALTA act. If anybody want to clarify any of its point related with what I have mentioned above, you are welcome.


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  1. Sir,
    I am from ground water department department. I got a application from the farmer under right to information act he wants to know about what is the distance to between borewell to borewell (irrigation wells). mensioned in any under apwalta act.