Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to buy agricultural (farming) land in Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad)

Recently I have bought agricultural land for my natural farm I am going to plan. I have gone through many hassles, confusions etc and I want to pen down here so that it will help others folks who want to do the same.

I am writing this in point wise so that it will be easier to understand

  1. First I was searching for agricultural land and browsed many websites, googled about agricultural land. Called many folks over phone number I got from websites. Many folks promised that they are going to see the land and come back. Many folks said there is no land in my budget. Many said that you will have to go 100 KM from Hyderabad. My budget was 3-5 lacs per acres. 
  2. Finally I called this broker on this Shivratari and he said that a land is available in my budget. I and my family immediately followed him and saw the land (27KM from my flat). In the first look, I liked it. The location, place and surroundings was good.
  3. I told the broker that I want to buy this land. We went to a local person and through him we talked with the owner of the land over phone (generally brokers doesn't allow to talk with the owner immediately but this broker was good enough).
  4. We decided a place to meet nearby Patancheru, Hyderabad and immediately meet there. We came up with some negotiations. The price of the land was much more than my budget however the location and locality was good to I dared to buy this land.
  5. We went to owner's house and got the original paper (Registration paper and pass book) xeroxed.
  6. Came back to home and started taking suggestions from friends and colleagues. Many folks suggested to go for legal opinion, EC, get the bore well point before buying etc. 
  7. Got the measurement of the land done. I had insisted to bring a good person for the measurement and the broker said he will. He brought one old aged person who measured that land with Karis (iron chain) and told that land measurement is correct. I insisted for the map and plot numbers on the map. He took 2K for this, much more than told by the broker.
  8. After few days he gave a map with length and width of the area on a waste paper, I was on top of the temper that measurement guys has not even spend a rupee to buy a good paper for this. I insisted for a good map with plot number written on it but till now I am waiting. People are cheaters here also, beware of them. The lesson learnt is do not give total amount unless your work is done!
  9. I got the EC of the land.
  10. I talked with Patwari of the village and he said ok for this land. They are so lazy that he even updated his record by seeing the xerox paper I had taken for this land. He took 200 rupee and was asking for 500, strange !
  11. After a lot of confusion about the plot number (survey number), I decided to get some opinion as suggested by many friends.
  12. I went to a legal adviser (an advocate) who is known to one my family friend and he saw the paper and told to bring Khasra Pahani (the land record for last 50+ years). 
  13. It took me around a month to get the Khasra Pahani and couple of thousands of rupees.
  14. Took the Khasra Pahani to the Advocate, this time he says that looks good but where is the village map, I showed him village map that I had got from broker. The map condition was pitiable, almost broken, teared from every corner. The advocate says "Even God can't tell where is the land on this map". I said what is the solution, the advocate said if you believe them, buy this land otherwise forget about it. If you have to buy this, first get the fencing done before agreement itself and then go for agreement. You all know that no land lord will allow to get the fencing done before agreement. 
  15. I called the broker and said the same thing; at this point I had made my mind and that I am not going to buy the land.
  16. The broker called one fine day and ask me to come to MRO office to inquire about this land. I went there with half mind. Talked with Patwari there and many others who were available, got the map of the village and was trying to figure out where is the survey number for this land. As the map was not clearly visible, no one could tell where is the survey numbers.
  17. The broker said that Tahshildar ( or I do not know the official name - the person who measure the land in that area) is out to another land and will come by 3 PM and I can talk with him. I waited for about 6 and was disappointed and was planning to come back. After few minutes this person came, I went to him and asked for the map and survey number on this map. 
  18. He showed me the map and survey numbers on the map, it was satisfying and I could convince that this land is genuine. I got the xerox of the map for my purpose and another local person along with me said give him 200 rupee but Tahshildar didn't take any money. Surprisingly the assistant of the Tahshildar came outside and was asking for money  and I paid INR 100 too.
  19. After verifying the EC, Khasra Pahani, Village Map, talking with the neighbors, Patwari I was satisfied and convinced about this land.
  20. I decided to go ahead with this land. I asked for the agreement and we got it done. Paid the money through account payee cheques.
The next step was fencing of this land, you can read more about fencing my farm land here.

Huh! a long story about how to buy agricultural land. It was tiring experience, very confusing, frustrating, discouraging but ultimately got satisfaction for what I wanted to do. I hope this will help someone like me who wanted to buy agricultural land and was searching for help on how to go ahead with this.

Thanks for patience in reading this long 20 steps processes.


  1. If its not confidential, may I ask how much you had to pay for the 3.1 acre land?

  2. I think he said before that his range was 3-5 laks per acre. See point 4. He may have paid 6 laks per acre for it.

  3. Yes, we got our farm for 6 L an acre.


  4. Good post...Very Informative depicting all the practical problems in this process !

  5. Is there any requirement for being a resident of Andhra ?Is there any requirement that i need to be a farmer or a farmer's son for being agricultural land in Andhra ? If so, what documentation is needed for the same ? Thanks for a very informative post.

    1. As far as I know there is no such requirement.

  6. Hi Nice info,
    I would like to know, who can purchase the agricultural land for farming in AP?
    Any eligibility to buy,if you are not a farmer.
    Any limit of acres per person or family as per AP Land act or any other act?

    Do you have any references for govt.acts

    1. As far as I know there is no such law about the eligibility.

      I think per person limitation is 50 acres.


  7. Thanks Sheo,

    Please let me know if the land can be purchased by people outside of AP. Any other documents required for Registration, AGreement etc.


  8. Hi Narayan,

    I am going through a similar process as you did but only at the initial stage. Please let me know if these documents ( EC- Exact Measurement of the plot, Khasra Pahani, Village Map) good to buy the land in AP state. What should I keep in mind during the registration process.

    1. Yes, the document mentioned by me in this article is enough to buy the land. Just one extra care - you should also consult the neighbors, the Sarpanch of the village so they know that something is going on and if anyone has any objection they may raise.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Is ther any other land for sale nearby

  10. Thanks for the post. Very informative. It will provide a guidline and help many others who wish to purchase the land. Good luck.

  11. Thanks for the post. Do you happen to know anything about conversion of agricultural to Non-agricultural land?

  12. FMB survey sketch of lands are available here

  13. Impressed with your journey can I take an interview of your's and publish it? I have also taken a similar route recently. Please let me know. My email address is

  14. hi,

    thanks for posting u r experience. i was also searched many lands for agriculture purpose. I am working in a bank and decided to do agriculture. But all most all of my friends, colleagues, family members are discouraging.. If a get a good land then i quit the job and start agriculture...


  15. Hello All,

    It was really very good to read the true story of buying an agriculture land and the situations / problems faced in it.

    I am into arranging these type of lands for prospective buyers, and do all that checklist myself for someone looking to buy those lands.

    Presently have many lands near Hyderabad (Vikarabad, Chevella, Tandur, Pargi etc)

    If someone is interested - kindly visit

    Thanks and Good luck in New Adventure of Life.

  16. Hi All, another thing to look out while buying agricultural land in the Telangana region is for PROTECTED TENANTS on the land you are looking to buy. Protected Tenants information may not show up on Khasara Pahani and EC. If form/certificate 38A(I am not sure about the exact form) is issued, then the protected tenant and his future generations will have the first right of refusal on that land.

    Good luck!


  17. Let me add that one more thing, also all revenue records as stated EC, tax receipt , village map one more important thing whether it has clear title to sell. If the previous sales deed are in faulty entire sales itself become in valid. So it would be better to check TITLE DEEDS of property to establish whether seller has the legal right to sell the property inspite land records or revenue records carry the seller name. some time the case may not be like that. so always get clean title report prior to final deed.


  18. can we a land now also?

  19. Thanks for sharing the precise info

  20. Hello Sheo,
    Greetings !!! I got access to this link/website when I started my search on buying agricultural land. Its great to see a person working in IT profession taking this field which could be booming industry down the lane in the near future.

    I am looking for agricultural land around 3 acres. Do you know if there is any agricultural land around your area. If so, what could be the rate present?

    Please drop an email to my email id

    1. The current rate has grown to up to 10 lacs an acre. You can call me on my number and I would give you my broker number.


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  22. Hello All,

    We have very fertile agricultural lands near Hyderabad for sale at reasonable prices.

    If interested, kindly contact:

  23. In Maharashtra we need a 7/12 extract to prove that we are a farmer, only then can one purchase an Agricultural land, else one has to go in for a NA land that costs much more per acre. As you mention that such document is not required here, can someone form the readers also confirm on this so that there a robust opinion to it. I would also like to know if owning an agricultural land in Hyderabad does entitle me as a farmer and allow me to buy a land anywhere in India.


  24. Hi Narayan,

    can you mail me( your broker number and the place where you purchase this land please.


  25. i have agriculture land with pahanis in the name of my mother and grand father i founder sub registrar office also have survey number how much money i need to spend to register land

    when i asked panchayat Secretariat he said that 5000/- for only acre

    i need your suggestion

  26. Hi All,

    You no need to do all these things, you can see lot of information online nowadays.
    1. Pahani/Adangal: Basically this will contain survey numbers and area and current owner etc...
    This can be seen at, but now it is redirecting us to go and take the certificates at MeeSeva centres.
    2. ROR (Record of Rights): This will give you the same information as Pahani/Adangal and can be get it from MeeSeva centres
    3. EC (Encumbrance Certificate): This will give you the transactions for last 30 years related to that survey number.
    4. F.M.B (Field measurement Book): This will give you map where particular survey number land is located and can be get it from MeeSeva Centres.

    Online EC (Encumbrance Certificate):

  27. Hi, I am also looking for agricultural land to build farm house, can you help me

  28. what are the land registration charges per acre?

  29. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a substantial amount of land outside of Hyderabad for agricultural purposes. I have read the full blog post (which is great) and all of these comments (which are equally helpful).

    Can anyone please provide the best resource(s) for identifying suitable plots of land? I can be emailed at Please note that I will not pay more than fair market value, and will do significant research before buying.

  30. Hai Sheo, its really nice of you sharing your experience about buying an agricultural land...Even I am planning to buy one such piece of land in near future...and your post was really encouraging...

    Thanks a lot

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  32. Awesome job Sheo!! You are truly inspirational in a way that you have shared your experience and sharing your knowledge with everyone. You have the good blessings of all the readers who read this thread and may you rise to newer heights!!

  33. hay thanks for info
    can u give broker's mobile no so that i can contact him