Monday, 14 May 2012

I did see another land in Hyderabad

I did see another land in Hyderabad and the agreement is done.

Little bit about how it happened.

One fine day (Shivratri), I just called one of the broker number I had get from Internet and he said that one land is available. I immediately scheduled a visit on the same day. We all (complete family) went and saw that land, it was around 3 acres land, pure agricultural land. Just beside this land, Brinjal, Chillies, Onions, Paddies and others stuffs are planted. Two bore wells are also beside this land, not in this land.

In one look I loved it and decided to buy it. Broker talked with the land lord and we went to the land lord house and took all the xerox of the document.

Was trying to bargain the price and after several days of whether I can afford or not and talking with Broker, Land lord we settled down with the final price.

Got the measurement done (a long story short, here also I got frustration but little less), please takes money but do not do things right.

We were planning for the registration however people suggested to go for the legal advice and I was approaching an advocate. I went to him and he asked for Khasra Pahani (a document that tells the complete ownership story about that land). It took money and a lot of time to get that document.

I got the document and then again a lot of things happened, finally I went to the MRO (Municipal Office) and saw the village map and was convinced about it.

I decided to buy this land and got the agreement done !

It was 5-Apr-2012 !!!!

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