Monday, 28 May 2012

Inviting all for the Bhumi pooja at my farm

Dear all,

I and my family cordially invite you all for the Bhumi Poojan tomorrow (30-May-2012) at 6.00 AM in Amdoor village nearby Begampet (It is around 12.5 KM from Patancheur to Daulatabad road), Patancheur, Hyderabad. From Begumpet, turn right and go to the road that goes to Amdoor village around 2 KM. Nearby a transformer in the left, right side you will see a fencing plot.

Any difficulty, please call on +91-77025-60638.



  1. Actually My orriginal comment was lost as I did not follow that part with the verification must have got distracted with my kids.
    Anyways what I wanted to say was - congrats on this big step. got your website from farmnest which I had recently discovered. I have been wanting to purchase similar land to do some farming but things have not been going my way - so many variables and takes so much of time to go visit the land and make a decision etc. Hopefully with more contacts from people like you maybe step in the right direction will happen. real estate brokers and agents say anything to get the land sold and cannot give the insight that people like have.
    Glad to get in touch with you hope to follow your experiments and learn

    1. Hi Madhavi,

      You may call me on above number, I know a person who deals with land (from whom I have bought this land). I can get you there. He has a nice land (thats what he says) in Sangareddy with water facility etc and it seems its good.

      You may go and check.