Saturday, 26 May 2012

My neighbor burnt the mulches from my farm

The neighbor of my farm (who is not bad and behaves nicely) had kept some mulches from his land to my farm (Marigold dried stems, some grasses, brinjal's dried steps etc), last to last week we had gone to my farm and was happy to see that we got some free mulch :)

However, when I gone to my farm again, I noticed that he has collected all mulch from my land and burnt. I think he did with good intention of keeping my land clean and I got the point but that is not what I wanted !

When I asked from him he said, if he will not burnt the mulches will spread around the farm land so he collected at one place and burnt :). All who knows about Natural Farming may tell him as fool as he burn the mulches but this is what I have noticed most of the farmers in Andhra pradesh do. They collect the mulches from the land and burn it.

Is it right to say that I know little better than them in terms of farming knowledge that Mulch is not the thing to burn but to save and spread over the land :), its like money on the land that keeps moisture in the land, become organic manure after few days or weeks.

What do you say, am i right?

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