Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is this one of the reason of low production, it happens only in India?

First time I went to any seeds shop to buy some seeds to sow in my farm. The seed shop I choose was very famous in that area. I blindly went there and asked for seeds of some vegetables. I got Brinjaj, Spinach, Coriander etc.

I was so happy and came to home. Just to know more about the seeds, I took one packet and to my surprise I noticed that that seeds packed is expired one. Means the expiry date of the seeds was  month back date and still that shopkeeper has sold it to me.

I called to the company of the seed written on the pouch and they said from where I had bought and then they asked what was the amount I have paid and then he cut down the phone. When I again called they said for such a little amount I can't do anything. Then I called to the shopkeeper and he said negligently that I can come to return. Now just to return this pouch I have to travel almost 40KM.

Here my concern was not to get my money back but to get the correct and fresh seeds not the expired one.

Recently I got chance to go to that shop too and I told the same thing that they had given me expired seeds and they took it easy saying that no one cares about expiry date in the seeds (if so then expiry date should not have written on the pouch) and even 2 out of hundreds seeds germinate it is good. Even that shopkeeper was at fault he has not even 1% of guilty feeling or regret that he is selling expired seeds. I happen to go to another shop too and to my surprise that shop also had almost all packets of expired seeds.

I was wondering where is the agriculture dept, where are people who are buying expired seeds; no one cares for it?

Is it one of the reason of getting less production and ultimately the poor condition of the farmers? I am 100% sure expired products are not sold anywhere, it happens only in INDIA!

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know your feedback.

Spread seeds over the land - not sure if something will come up

As there was very good rain in Hyderabad and making rice pellets were taking considerable amount of time so I decided to spread the seeds over the rain water irrigated land. I did it based on some knowledge I had got by reading books of natural farming.

I remember somewhere I had read that rice pellets or any seed balls are made to safeguard the seeds from the birds, ants etc. we can directly spread the seeds as well and I thought perhaps this the best time to experiment it. I just spread the seeds of rice+green gram. As there were some broken sticks kinds of plants through out the land and dried grass so the seeds were not visible clearly after spreading.

Apart from rice+green gram, I also spread red gram, lady finger seeds. Have also planted pumpkin, seem, coriander, spinach.

I do not have great expectation from this first year of the effort, if I get something to eat out of it I will be happy :)

If someone has any advice to sow the seed without tilling, ploughing the field and what crops should I sow for the first year, kindly let me know.

Thanks and thanks for reading.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Preparing Rice + Green Gram seed balls (pellets) for rice cultivation

After heavy rain in Hyderabad and in my farm village too, I thought lets take this opportunity to sow some rice too. I bought 5 KG rice and 8 KG moong (green gram) and mixed them. Have already managed to get the pond land (about 30 tractor teller) throughout my farm land.

Being the advocate of Natural farming by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or websites I wanted to prepare rice bolls (pellets) and here is what I did.

This is our first attempt and first crop cultivation effort in our natural farm. We have mixed the seeds of rice and green gram and preparing clay balls (the soil has been taken from the nearby pond).

After preparing the rice pellets, we have spread it to the land after every 1 feet. Will show the result in few days.

As it was very less time for us as the rain came next day too, we have spread only in one plot. We need to do it for some more plots too, will do it today.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cutting down dried unwanted plant from the farm land - is it the best way?

Throughout the farm land, I had unwanted stick kind of plants (I do not know the name of the plant). It was completely dried and was looking like sticks standing on top of the land. I had to find way to bring them down. As I am going to go with the Natural Farming so I do not want to use Tractor to plough or till the field (however this was the easier way to bring down these unwanted plants).

The other option for me was to take a stick and bring them down one by one (I have done this for three plot myself). But this was a very time consuming task and tiring task. I had to find the quick and smart way to cut down these dried plants.

I spent some time to think on it and then an Idea came to my mind. I had a bamboo that was left over after preparing the farm gate. I thought why not attach two thread with the bamboo and pull it using Motorcycle so that all these dried plants will come down. I decided to do it and went to the farm, after seeing the farm land I decided to pull the bamboo manually not using Motorcycle. Below is the result (Sorry for grammatical mistakes or expression mistakes in my commentary in the video)

Before - When I started pulling bamboo (bamboo was pulled two times in the land before taking this video)


 After - pulling the bamboo several times (5-6), below is the end result.

Surprisingly my idea worked and whole land is flat now, all the unwanted stick kind of dried plant came down to the earth. I am sure that is going to work as a mulch or organic manure.

Do you think I could have done better than this to cut down these dried unwanted plants, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Natural Farm Gate - Is it looking natural?

Do not laugh after seeing my natural farm gate :). I managed to buy some bamboo from nearby and transported to my farm (myself - Binding from my bike with a thick thread and pulled).

Got Tangi and Garasa (equipment to tear and cut the bamboo) and did all work myself. No skilled labor from outside.

After almost whole day work, here is the result below. This is still not finished product, I need to bind some more small pieces of Bamboo in between as the space in between the doors are more. Hope after filling the space in between the doors of the gate will look goood.

The fingers that are used to type like a robot on the computer keyboard, hands that are used to hold computer mouse, mind that is used to think about programming has been used to cut/tear the bamboo, and think how the gate should be architected, holding the gate & fixing in the stone pole.

It was of course a tiring work, got hurt at many places in fingers. Few drops of blood came out. However for me it is looking good to go ahead for now.

What do you think?

Got frustrated with the bore well drillers - what kind of service is this?

After waiting for long time, we had finalized to get the bore well done. We contacted the bore well drillers and got the date of 8-Jun-2012. We had given advance money as well.

He promised to come by 8.00 AM in the morning. When I called him one day before he asked me to call at 5.00 AM, I did so and then he said call at 8.00 AM and I called him and he said come at 12.00 PM.

I went to my farm and since then I was keep calling and he used to give another time every after few hours like 2.00 PM, 4.00 PM and then 7.00 PM.

Ultimately I was so frustrated at 7.00 PM because since morning we were waiting for him, not only me but my neighbors too but this guy didn't so up.

When I called at the 7.00 PM he even didn't pickup the call. I get it called my local person from whom I had got this reference even he didn't pick up the call. When I called 4th time he said because he didn't know the position of the bore well vehicle so he were not picking up the call.

At 7.00 PM we decided not to go with this guy.

This raises one point that I was noticing for last several years living in Hyderabad. Getting service in Hyderabad is very tough and frustrating. Most of the service providers (hopefully some might be good and I want to get in touch with those guys only) doesn't have ethics, value of words etc. They just keep making false promises.

I have felt this not only this time but many other times when I try to get some services like Plumbing, Carpenter, Car etc.

So finally the bore well drilling plan is canceled. Wasted whole day time, money and got duck. Huh !

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Getting ready for the bore well in my natural farm, wish us good luck !

Dear All,

I am all set to go for the bore well this week, have got time from the bore well drillers this week and waiting for the day.

Have got the bore well point from the Pandit ji who has done the Bhumi Poojan, this point is almost on the same place where I was forecasting that water might be here.

Let's see.