Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cutting down dried unwanted plant from the farm land - is it the best way?

Throughout the farm land, I had unwanted stick kind of plants (I do not know the name of the plant). It was completely dried and was looking like sticks standing on top of the land. I had to find way to bring them down. As I am going to go with the Natural Farming so I do not want to use Tractor to plough or till the field (however this was the easier way to bring down these unwanted plants).

The other option for me was to take a stick and bring them down one by one (I have done this for three plot myself). But this was a very time consuming task and tiring task. I had to find the quick and smart way to cut down these dried plants.

I spent some time to think on it and then an Idea came to my mind. I had a bamboo that was left over after preparing the farm gate. I thought why not attach two thread with the bamboo and pull it using Motorcycle so that all these dried plants will come down. I decided to do it and went to the farm, after seeing the farm land I decided to pull the bamboo manually not using Motorcycle. Below is the result (Sorry for grammatical mistakes or expression mistakes in my commentary in the video)

Before - When I started pulling bamboo (bamboo was pulled two times in the land before taking this video)


 After - pulling the bamboo several times (5-6), below is the end result.

Surprisingly my idea worked and whole land is flat now, all the unwanted stick kind of dried plant came down to the earth. I am sure that is going to work as a mulch or organic manure.

Do you think I could have done better than this to cut down these dried unwanted plants, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


  1. you've done the right thing. it would have been unwise to burn them as my neighbouring farmowner did and is now regretting it.

  2. uprooting would have been the right thing. using bamboo has certainly disturbed the top soil which is against the principles of natural farming.
    perhaps, the sticks could be the right crop which can be grown there. perhaps, one may have to wait for one season without doing anything to understand which crop can come there naturally. if you do that you are a true natural farmer. sowing anything is secondary in natural farming.

  3. My only doubt will not these plants again sprout back? Then your cost of levelling or clearing whatever will go up. I do not understand that just flattening f the weed shoots will help in any way

  4. great idea. how about using a wide metal broom to get these out of there?

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