Friday, 8 June 2012

Got frustrated with the bore well drillers - what kind of service is this?

After waiting for long time, we had finalized to get the bore well done. We contacted the bore well drillers and got the date of 8-Jun-2012. We had given advance money as well.

He promised to come by 8.00 AM in the morning. When I called him one day before he asked me to call at 5.00 AM, I did so and then he said call at 8.00 AM and I called him and he said come at 12.00 PM.

I went to my farm and since then I was keep calling and he used to give another time every after few hours like 2.00 PM, 4.00 PM and then 7.00 PM.

Ultimately I was so frustrated at 7.00 PM because since morning we were waiting for him, not only me but my neighbors too but this guy didn't so up.

When I called at the 7.00 PM he even didn't pickup the call. I get it called my local person from whom I had got this reference even he didn't pick up the call. When I called 4th time he said because he didn't know the position of the bore well vehicle so he were not picking up the call.

At 7.00 PM we decided not to go with this guy.

This raises one point that I was noticing for last several years living in Hyderabad. Getting service in Hyderabad is very tough and frustrating. Most of the service providers (hopefully some might be good and I want to get in touch with those guys only) doesn't have ethics, value of words etc. They just keep making false promises.

I have felt this not only this time but many other times when I try to get some services like Plumbing, Carpenter, Car etc.

So finally the bore well drilling plan is canceled. Wasted whole day time, money and got duck. Huh !

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  1. thanks for u r sharing and concern for the fellow farmers..