Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is this one of the reason of low production, it happens only in India?

First time I went to any seeds shop to buy some seeds to sow in my farm. The seed shop I choose was very famous in that area. I blindly went there and asked for seeds of some vegetables. I got Brinjaj, Spinach, Coriander etc.

I was so happy and came to home. Just to know more about the seeds, I took one packet and to my surprise I noticed that that seeds packed is expired one. Means the expiry date of the seeds was  month back date and still that shopkeeper has sold it to me.

I called to the company of the seed written on the pouch and they said from where I had bought and then they asked what was the amount I have paid and then he cut down the phone. When I again called they said for such a little amount I can't do anything. Then I called to the shopkeeper and he said negligently that I can come to return. Now just to return this pouch I have to travel almost 40KM.

Here my concern was not to get my money back but to get the correct and fresh seeds not the expired one.

Recently I got chance to go to that shop too and I told the same thing that they had given me expired seeds and they took it easy saying that no one cares about expiry date in the seeds (if so then expiry date should not have written on the pouch) and even 2 out of hundreds seeds germinate it is good. Even that shopkeeper was at fault he has not even 1% of guilty feeling or regret that he is selling expired seeds. I happen to go to another shop too and to my surprise that shop also had almost all packets of expired seeds.

I was wondering where is the agriculture dept, where are people who are buying expired seeds; no one cares for it?

Is it one of the reason of getting less production and ultimately the poor condition of the farmers? I am 100% sure expired products are not sold anywhere, it happens only in INDIA!

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know your feedback.

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  1. Dear Sheo,
    I just found your blog and reading all your posts from the beginning.
    how come the seed shops are selling expired seeds? I suggest you communicate with your "natural farming" yahoo group members to throw some light about the usage of expired seeds. Good luck. Muneeb