Friday, 8 June 2012

My Natural Farm Gate - Is it looking natural?

Do not laugh after seeing my natural farm gate :). I managed to buy some bamboo from nearby and transported to my farm (myself - Binding from my bike with a thick thread and pulled).

Got Tangi and Garasa (equipment to tear and cut the bamboo) and did all work myself. No skilled labor from outside.

After almost whole day work, here is the result below. This is still not finished product, I need to bind some more small pieces of Bamboo in between as the space in between the doors are more. Hope after filling the space in between the doors of the gate will look goood.

The fingers that are used to type like a robot on the computer keyboard, hands that are used to hold computer mouse, mind that is used to think about programming has been used to cut/tear the bamboo, and think how the gate should be architected, holding the gate & fixing in the stone pole.

It was of course a tiring work, got hurt at many places in fingers. Few drops of blood came out. However for me it is looking good to go ahead for now.

What do you think?


  1. Does this gate open for visitors? regards, Muneeb

  2. Its great work. It may not appear good, but could sense the satisfaction in you.

    Appreciated. Keep it up.