Monday, 18 June 2012

Preparing Rice + Green Gram seed balls (pellets) for rice cultivation

After heavy rain in Hyderabad and in my farm village too, I thought lets take this opportunity to sow some rice too. I bought 5 KG rice and 8 KG moong (green gram) and mixed them. Have already managed to get the pond land (about 30 tractor teller) throughout my farm land.

Being the advocate of Natural farming by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or websites I wanted to prepare rice bolls (pellets) and here is what I did.

This is our first attempt and first crop cultivation effort in our natural farm. We have mixed the seeds of rice and green gram and preparing clay balls (the soil has been taken from the nearby pond).

After preparing the rice pellets, we have spread it to the land after every 1 feet. Will show the result in few days.

As it was very less time for us as the rain came next day too, we have spread only in one plot. We need to do it for some more plots too, will do it today.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Aaah !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hurrah, Raju sir responded. I am so happy today. Thank you so much sir ! My strength and commitment has doubled now and will give me strength to complete sowing whole land today itself :)

    Thanks again.

  2. hi Sheo
    You did not want to do a green manure crop first before the rice/dhal experiment. How much of the land are you planning to grow this combination. Hope to meet you on june 23rd.Farmnest HYD meet

    1. I think the time has passed for the green manure crop that's why I prefer to directly put rice and green gram. I have shown in almost 1/2 acre.

      As far as I know Green gram is nothing but a green manure.

      Thanks Madhavi.

      I am looking forward to meet on 23rd.

  3. Nice attempt. You could have tried using chicken mesh or wire mesh attached to a frame to mass produce seed balls as advised by Raju sir.