Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spread seeds over the land - not sure if something will come up

As there was very good rain in Hyderabad and making rice pellets were taking considerable amount of time so I decided to spread the seeds over the rain water irrigated land. I did it based on some knowledge I had got by reading books of natural farming.

I remember somewhere I had read that rice pellets or any seed balls are made to safeguard the seeds from the birds, ants etc. we can directly spread the seeds as well and I thought perhaps this the best time to experiment it. I just spread the seeds of rice+green gram. As there were some broken sticks kinds of plants through out the land and dried grass so the seeds were not visible clearly after spreading.

Apart from rice+green gram, I also spread red gram, lady finger seeds. Have also planted pumpkin, seem, coriander, spinach.

I do not have great expectation from this first year of the effort, if I get something to eat out of it I will be happy :)

If someone has any advice to sow the seed without tilling, ploughing the field and what crops should I sow for the first year, kindly let me know.

Thanks and thanks for reading.

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