Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here is the outcome of bore well drilling

After spending countless number of hours and spending 90K+ INR here is the result of the bore well.

Its just giving 1 hour water from 1" pipe, may be about 2000 liters and then drying up. Is there any way to revive this?

Your feedback and comments are welcome. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Raju Titus sir visited my farm today

Hello everybody,

I am so excited today (13-Jul-2012) that Raju Titus Sir (a renowned and respected personality of Natural Farming in India) visited my natural farm today.

Thanks for Yugandhar and Pawan for arranging my meeting with Raju sir and thanks a lot to Raju sir for giving me enough time.

It was priceless moment for me when this legend stepped into my natural farm. He advised many things and appreciated my effort for last few weeks I have been doing in my farm.

I have been reading about natural farming for last couple of months and knowledge given by Raju sir was like a boost in whatever I am doing. All his suggestion and knowledge was worth listening and implementing. I am going to implement all his suggestion to the extent possible for me.

I had also an opportunity to take him to my house where he meets my family. We as a family enjoyed the whole visit and I hope Raju sir too!

Thank you very very much Raju Sir, I am blessed to have you in my farm and opportunity to meet and talk with you.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bore well drilling is done - got duck or swan ?

If you are following my post, you must be knowing that how frustrated I am with the bore well drillers , finally I have managed to get hold of one bore well drillers and the vehicle arrived after a month approximately. On 5-Jul-2012, the bore well drilling vehicle arrived.

Below is the video after just finishing the worshiping.

It all started at about 2.00 PM. First few feet (about 5 feet), its soil after that moram (red small stone mixed of soil) and then black moram. At 80 feet rock started and till 390 feet, it is complete rock. Earlier I had decided to drill only till 250 feet or so but after not seeing even a single drop of water I decided to let it go. In every feet I was loosing few hundred rupees but I let it go.

At 390, the drilling stopped as the bore well drillers get exhausted with their pipe. At this point we started getting some moist rocks or  you can say muddy stone particles. They went for the additional pipe (its another story how resistance were they to bring the pipe). After 2-3 hours again the drilling started and immediately after starting the drilling we got water coming out from the bore well as due to gap of 2-3 hours some water got deposited in the well.

Again when things started, we get water intermittently at around 420 feet 435 feet and then again all rock. The bore well drillers and others sitting their declared this as failure bore well. It was about 11.00 PM. I was thinking to get another point and decided to get one more drilling.

After first drilling, I was already loosing whopping INR 46,000/-, this includes only drilling charges. If I would go for another bore well I would loose close to 1 lakh just for drilling with all uncertainty whether I would get proper water or not. Loosing hard earned money like this is really painful experience, believe me. However, I thought let it go because if water is there all looks green otherwise its difficult.

Below is the expenses details
Bore well drilling first 200 feet - 43 per feet = 8600/-
next 100 feet 53 per feet = 5300/-
next 100 feet 70 per feet = 7000/-
next 100 feet 95 per feet = 5225/-
Initial 80 feet drilling with wider pipe for casing 120 per feet = 9600/- (surprisingly this should have been excluded in the initial 200 feet, but it is not. I do not understand the logic).
Labor charges = 600/-
Transportation charges = 600/-
Casing charges = 8000/-
Total = 44925/- + additional misc. expenses

At around 1.00 AM, bore well people decided to start the drilling another point in the morning. We also went to sleep and again woke up by 5.00 AM morning.

At 5.00 AM we come again and dropped few small stones and we got the water sound after 9.00 seconds (so the water is at 88.2 meters approx - 9 seconds * 9.8 meter that comes around 283 feet). The bore well people said we can go ahead with this bore well with single phase motor and this is enough for an apartment like need but not for the farming.

As I am planning for natural farm where I feel there is no huge water requirement so I thought lets try this. I got the casing done till 80 feet and have left it as it is.

Will update this when I got the motor and start getting water out of it.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Digging farm pond

After planting fruits trees, I noticed that there was gap of rain and my plants were looking dull. As I have already tired following up Bore well guys so decided to get the small pond dug.

Have manged to dug two ponds (small in size - 20'x10'10' - w, h, d).

It took 3 hours for 1 JCB to dug 20 feet length, 10 feet width and 10 feet dept pond.

The first pond has been dug in almost center of the farm and the 2nd one is dug almost last of the farm. The idea is to store the rain water and then water these plants with it. It may also work as percolation tank so that rain water percolates to the ground to increase the water level.

A lot of work needs to be done, going step by step and slowly.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Planting fruits trees in my natural farm

After spreading rice + green gram seeds and sowing some vegetables seeds, we have just started planting some fruits trees.

We have got the seedlings from the famous nursery in Sangareddy and below are the plants names we had bought

  1. Coconut
  2. Karipatta
  3. Mango
  4. Guava
  5. Star fruits (1)
  6. Anjeer
  7. Jack fruits
  8. Pomogranade
  9. Sapota
  10. Lemon
  11. Sweet lemon
  12. Bamboo
  13. Lemon grass
  14. Leechi
  15. Water apple (1)
  16. Papaya
  17. Betel nut 
  18. Amla
The total cost of the plants (around 125 in number) were about INR 14K including transportation. The labor charges of planting each plant was INR 30.

We spent around INR 20K in total to plant almost 125 seedlings.

Initially the plan to plant coconut trees were to base on Bhaskar Save surjmandal methodology but I felt the distance between two trees where very less (6 feets and then he cut down 3 trees in a surajmandal, so even if I was keeping 8 trees I felt the distance is too less for the leaves to spread) so I decided to go ahead with the traditional boundary approach. I have planted coconuts at the distance of 15-16 feets in between and the distance from the boundary is almost 10 feets.

Mango trees are planted almost 20 feets distance from the coconut trees and 40 feets distance from each other. Then bottom top approach is followed, means smaller trees starting from east side and as we go west the taller trees are planted. For example starting from east to west, Leechi, Sapota, Pomogranade, Amla, Mango, Coconut.

All the fruits trees apart from Coconut and Mango are planted at the divider of the plots so that the sun lights doesn't spread across the plots and I can sow some seasonal plants or paddy as well even when the plant grows bigger.

I know I am not the best but whatever limited knowledge I have, I just thought the best and have planned the trees plantation. Lets see how it goes in years to come.

Of course some plants like Manago (two crops a year), Star fruits, Lemon grass, Pomogranade, Anjeer, Karipatta, Betel nut have been planted nearby the plot I am going to construct home.

Any suggestions or feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading.