Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bore well drilling is done - got duck or swan ?

If you are following my post, you must be knowing that how frustrated I am with the bore well drillers , finally I have managed to get hold of one bore well drillers and the vehicle arrived after a month approximately. On 5-Jul-2012, the bore well drilling vehicle arrived.

Below is the video after just finishing the worshiping.

It all started at about 2.00 PM. First few feet (about 5 feet), its soil after that moram (red small stone mixed of soil) and then black moram. At 80 feet rock started and till 390 feet, it is complete rock. Earlier I had decided to drill only till 250 feet or so but after not seeing even a single drop of water I decided to let it go. In every feet I was loosing few hundred rupees but I let it go.

At 390, the drilling stopped as the bore well drillers get exhausted with their pipe. At this point we started getting some moist rocks or  you can say muddy stone particles. They went for the additional pipe (its another story how resistance were they to bring the pipe). After 2-3 hours again the drilling started and immediately after starting the drilling we got water coming out from the bore well as due to gap of 2-3 hours some water got deposited in the well.

Again when things started, we get water intermittently at around 420 feet 435 feet and then again all rock. The bore well drillers and others sitting their declared this as failure bore well. It was about 11.00 PM. I was thinking to get another point and decided to get one more drilling.

After first drilling, I was already loosing whopping INR 46,000/-, this includes only drilling charges. If I would go for another bore well I would loose close to 1 lakh just for drilling with all uncertainty whether I would get proper water or not. Loosing hard earned money like this is really painful experience, believe me. However, I thought let it go because if water is there all looks green otherwise its difficult.

Below is the expenses details
Bore well drilling first 200 feet - 43 per feet = 8600/-
next 100 feet 53 per feet = 5300/-
next 100 feet 70 per feet = 7000/-
next 100 feet 95 per feet = 5225/-
Initial 80 feet drilling with wider pipe for casing 120 per feet = 9600/- (surprisingly this should have been excluded in the initial 200 feet, but it is not. I do not understand the logic).
Labor charges = 600/-
Transportation charges = 600/-
Casing charges = 8000/-
Total = 44925/- + additional misc. expenses

At around 1.00 AM, bore well people decided to start the drilling another point in the morning. We also went to sleep and again woke up by 5.00 AM morning.

At 5.00 AM we come again and dropped few small stones and we got the water sound after 9.00 seconds (so the water is at 88.2 meters approx - 9 seconds * 9.8 meter that comes around 283 feet). The bore well people said we can go ahead with this bore well with single phase motor and this is enough for an apartment like need but not for the farming.

As I am planning for natural farm where I feel there is no huge water requirement so I thought lets try this. I got the casing done till 80 feet and have left it as it is.

Will update this when I got the motor and start getting water out of it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. hi sheo
    I am confused - do you have water or not?
    First borewell or the second one?
    if you have water at 80 feet then why go upto 300 feet

  2. Its 1 inch water in the first bore well. I have not gone for the 2nd bore well.

    There is no water at 80 feet only casing is done till 80 so that I can see if I am getting ok water from this bore well.

    Hope this clarifies.

  3. where was this borewell dug? i am planning for a borewell drill in next week and i found the drilling charges very reasonable compared to quote i have received which starts from Rs. 72 upto 300 feet and 5 rupees increment thereafter every 100 feet.

    1. Since Sheo drilled the borewell, the diesel price have gone up by around Rs 8/litre. Fuel is the biggest operational cost of this capital intensive business.

      It also depends on the borewell diameter and as you aptly asked, the nature of the rock formation in your area. I suggest you to attempt to drill during off season (Not from Jan through Sep) but it has its disadvantage of striking water at phantom depth and may dry during the hot summer days.

      Hope you will get a good rate and stike waeter soon.

  4. I am not defending the borewell drilling unit guy but would like to clarify why sometimes the appointment goes off.

    As you mentioned that you planned for 250 feet; based on which the driller would have scheduled another appointment2 at say after say 6 hrs or so(whatever the driller estimated) from yours however you insisted to drill around 430+ feet for the obvious reason you stated. Natualy it is evident that he missed his appointment2. It is possible that the driller could mange the situation by arranging another driller of the same unit/spec but during the busy summer days it is near to impossible since the business is very seasonal. Hope you are doing great with your natural farming endeavour.

    Wish you all the best.

  5. Excellent blog, Appreciate each of your inputs and comments -
    what are the current Bore drilling charges, My sister spent around 1.83 lakh for 1035 ft, when i did my math based on given figures in this blog it is not going beyond 1.1lakh, Please give your comments
    and views


    1. Thanks Ranga.

      The charges differs from vendor to vendor and place to place so no surprise.

  6. I'm looking to do some water well drilling, after this experience would you have any suggestions to make it easier?

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  8. Some neighbors just had some well drilling in Northbrook IL completed. It's really an amazing process.

  9. Excellent post Sheo,

    Hello, we have faced the same problem. However, in our case we got the black stone at 5 feet only, we have drilled till 250 feet and still stone only.

    We got the water upto 60 feet in the next day morning.

    Sheo, could you please tell the current status of the 1st drilling well.


    1. We have dug another borewell and left that open.

  10. from our own experience, we learnt that doing Rainwater harvest methods help to retain underground water for sure. since we have slopes in many places, we made several mulched beds for vegetables and trees. Making high mud barrier/walls around (almost) every 10 cents of plantation, roof runoff water storage and diverting into small ponds, making several ponds (if u want u can grow azolla, fish, water plants, etc. or the pond can be used for swimming if its large enough) and planting more and more trees - all this helps a lot.

  11. I am intending to drill a bore well in a place named Allikhuzi it's a mango grove around 10 acres kindly advise will appreiciate it as i have no knowledge and don't want to be taken for a ride please advice

  12. I want to drill bore on my plot approx 200 feet what will the cost of it including casing pipe

  13. I need drilling of borewell in our residence at Jagadgirigutta

    1. where you are from,please tell the exact place,we have the borewell driilin machine.

  14. I need drilling of borewell in our residence at Jagadgirigutta

  15. I need drilling of borewell, near negamam, tirupur.

  16. thnk u fr ur information.........

  17. Hi All, I had just returned from my farm land with lots of disappointment as my first trail of digging bore well in my recently bought farm land is failed, it cost me 42000 but no use. I just purchased 5 acrs of plane land red soil a week back near pileru Andhra Pradesh. Have enquired with bore well drillers and they advised me that bore point has to be decided by our self and they only do the drilling. I had enquired with local people about the bore well point identification and they suggested me two persons name who are quite popular in that location as most of the points are chosen by them in that surroundings. I had called both of them in different times and both have suggested me different locations, now I got confused which location should I go for. After checking with multiple people I went with one of the location as he suggested me that two water sources are intersecting so you will have more water about 2.5 inches. Finally I called the drillers yesterday around 4pm and they started work around 7.30pm. I was told by the location identifier that after 280 feet water will start and should go up to 450 for a permanent and long term use. For first 10 feet it was dust and red soil granules after that started white stone, it went up to 140ft and started black stone, continued till 300 feet and still black stone. The bore well person suggested me to go until 400 as you may get after the black stone is over. It continued till 400 still no single drop.he told me that it's a failure and if you want to continue it charges more, I had some hope somewhere so I said ok for 500feet, it continued till 500 but the black stone continued.They again asked me to further decide and had asked them a suggestion based on their experience is there any chance that I can get water if continued, they advised go for another point. It was about 2.30am and I returned with full disappointment.they have given me bill if 42000, first 300ft 75rs, 300 to 400 is 80, 400 to 500 is 85, transportation is 1000,and labour is 1000. I am now more worried about the location for second point as I don't want to fail again and loose another 42k. Please can someone suggest me if you have any geologist who can give 100 percent assure point for me to go for alternate location?

    1. @Anonymous - Did you have any luck yet with the bore well?... coincidentally i have bought a piece of land in pileru and planning to get a bore well dug up. Let me know if you can share your number and we can talk.

  18. try checking with copper rods it will intersect when water points are found and coconut it will raise from our hands .. it will show the water points but then everything is no guarantee its purely on your luck and time...

  19. there are different Technics to identify the water in the ground.
    1. Cooper rods will intersect. (advisable one)
    2. metal pendulum rotations at the point.

  20. Hi can you give phone no
    My no 9880861689

  21. The type of bit you use will depend on the drill. SDS bits come in several different sizes, so you will need to get the size that matches your drill.