Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Digging farm pond

After planting fruits trees, I noticed that there was gap of rain and my plants were looking dull. As I have already tired following up Bore well guys so decided to get the small pond dug.

Have manged to dug two ponds (small in size - 20'x10'10' - w, h, d).

It took 3 hours for 1 JCB to dug 20 feet length, 10 feet width and 10 feet dept pond.

The first pond has been dug in almost center of the farm and the 2nd one is dug almost last of the farm. The idea is to store the rain water and then water these plants with it. It may also work as percolation tank so that rain water percolates to the ground to increase the water level.

A lot of work needs to be done, going step by step and slowly.


  1. hello sheo
    how is the digging comming along. Anyluck with the borewell guys, and at what range do you expect water here - 100 ft or less/more

  2. Hi Sheo,

    I was thinking of same technique to contain rainwater and use it as a water tank. good to see someone put this into practice. how much did it cost to dig the pond?.