Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here is the outcome of bore well drilling

After spending countless number of hours and spending 90K+ INR here is the result of the bore well.

Its just giving 1 hour water from 1" pipe, may be about 2000 liters and then drying up. Is there any way to revive this?

Your feedback and comments are welcome. 


  1. Hi sheo
    From the latest post on farmnest all is not lost, maybe if you dig a little further more water can be got. When nagendra told me 2" water at 100 feet I belived him now I know he does not know anything but just sell the land. Hope to find some good news to your bore problem soon. Another bore maynot be feasible until next year or so??

  2. I think I lost the opportunity to dig further down as at that point I had plan to go for another bore well but the vehicle couldn't go in.

    If you bring the vehicle again, its tough to get it the exact position to fit the previous bore well.

    There is a thumb rule when to go to buy anything, do not believe on other words. See it, hear it and then believe it. Of course we all know this but do mistakes.

    I am not sure but lets see if I overcome the water problem anytime soon.


  3. percolation pit may help to increase water levels in bore.

  4. Thanks Ravi, do you any article on how to create percolation pit. I have read some but wondering if there is any better way than I know.

    1. http://www.indiawaterportal.org/node/7048

      We can find water related queries and answers in the above portal. Hope it may help you.

    2. Hi Ravi,

      I have already gone through this link and the entire website as well. Here many bore well related questions are answered. However I feel each bore well is a different case study.

      However good to start with.

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