Sunday, 1 July 2012

Planting fruits trees in my natural farm

After spreading rice + green gram seeds and sowing some vegetables seeds, we have just started planting some fruits trees.

We have got the seedlings from the famous nursery in Sangareddy and below are the plants names we had bought

  1. Coconut
  2. Karipatta
  3. Mango
  4. Guava
  5. Star fruits (1)
  6. Anjeer
  7. Jack fruits
  8. Pomogranade
  9. Sapota
  10. Lemon
  11. Sweet lemon
  12. Bamboo
  13. Lemon grass
  14. Leechi
  15. Water apple (1)
  16. Papaya
  17. Betel nut 
  18. Amla
The total cost of the plants (around 125 in number) were about INR 14K including transportation. The labor charges of planting each plant was INR 30.

We spent around INR 20K in total to plant almost 125 seedlings.

Initially the plan to plant coconut trees were to base on Bhaskar Save surjmandal methodology but I felt the distance between two trees where very less (6 feets and then he cut down 3 trees in a surajmandal, so even if I was keeping 8 trees I felt the distance is too less for the leaves to spread) so I decided to go ahead with the traditional boundary approach. I have planted coconuts at the distance of 15-16 feets in between and the distance from the boundary is almost 10 feets.

Mango trees are planted almost 20 feets distance from the coconut trees and 40 feets distance from each other. Then bottom top approach is followed, means smaller trees starting from east side and as we go west the taller trees are planted. For example starting from east to west, Leechi, Sapota, Pomogranade, Amla, Mango, Coconut.

All the fruits trees apart from Coconut and Mango are planted at the divider of the plots so that the sun lights doesn't spread across the plots and I can sow some seasonal plants or paddy as well even when the plant grows bigger.

I know I am not the best but whatever limited knowledge I have, I just thought the best and have planned the trees plantation. Lets see how it goes in years to come.

Of course some plants like Manago (two crops a year), Star fruits, Lemon grass, Pomogranade, Anjeer, Karipatta, Betel nut have been planted nearby the plot I am going to construct home.

Any suggestions or feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading.


  1. hello sheo
    great to see fruit trees planted - the land looks so green after the rains. did not know that litchi could be grown in hyd.
    how old are the plants and when would they start to bear fruit.

  2. Litchi plants are not even one year old it seems as they are so tender. Sapota and Pomogranade plants already have flowers in them. The nursery folk said that all plants should bear fruits in 2-3 years.

  3. Dear Sheo,

    Are you aware about the UHD (Ultra high density mango) plantation. With UHD you can have about 650 Trees per Acre. Visit this blog and search for Mango plantation. regards, Muneeb

    1. Yes, I am aware about UHD however I am not much interested in mono cropping and planting a lot of Mango trees. I would like to go for mixed cropping.

  4. Dear Sheo,
    UHD mango plantation does not mean that the land is dedicated for mango only(mono crop). there is still lot of vacant land between the rows (there is at least 10 feet space between the rows).
    the space between these rows can be utilized for other crops (inter cropping). you can have banana plants, Papaya, vegetables, pulses etc. or you can have some seasonal crops like green chillies, water melon.
    i suggest you do some research in UHD with inter cropping.

  5. Thank you Your Farm is so nice.It is not Practicable to Grow
    Co-Conut in Hyderabad.It need lot of Water both surface and Ground water through out the Year.It is Practicable in Costal Districts only.

  6. Hi friends,

    I'm new to here in each 1 acr land how many mango tress can grow and what will be distance should maintain on each tress..please help me

    Thanks & Regards
    Prasad Panjala

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  8. Hi I need mango trees contact no 8374 718050

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  10. can you supply anjeer plants

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  14. Watched the full video and when Im not expert in this field I must to say that you made a great work. I also know this article is from 2012 and Im super interested how this fruits are doing after a few years. Michael.

  15. I wanted to plant mangoes and other tress in my land near mahboobnagar. I have already dug holes for planting trees. Can anyone Pl. suggest me for planting trees in my land. Thanks sajjad

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