Friday, 13 July 2012

Raju Titus sir visited my farm today

Hello everybody,

I am so excited today (13-Jul-2012) that Raju Titus Sir (a renowned and respected personality of Natural Farming in India) visited my natural farm today.

Thanks for Yugandhar and Pawan for arranging my meeting with Raju sir and thanks a lot to Raju sir for giving me enough time.

It was priceless moment for me when this legend stepped into my natural farm. He advised many things and appreciated my effort for last few weeks I have been doing in my farm.

I have been reading about natural farming for last couple of months and knowledge given by Raju sir was like a boost in whatever I am doing. All his suggestion and knowledge was worth listening and implementing. I am going to implement all his suggestion to the extent possible for me.

I had also an opportunity to take him to my house where he meets my family. We as a family enjoyed the whole visit and I hope Raju sir too!

Thank you very very much Raju Sir, I am blessed to have you in my farm and opportunity to meet and talk with you.

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  1. Why not make a list of all the suggestions that Raju Sir gave you so we can even read and implement them.