Sunday, 26 August 2012

Current status of the vegetable plantation after mulching (natural/organic farming)

Here is the current status of the vegetable plantation after mulching. We have heavy grasses in our farm and we are cutting those grasses and mulching on the stage that we had prepared for the vegetables.

(Sorry for incorrect English in the video as I was not feeling well at the time of recording due to my finger cut)

We have planted following vegetables on the stage/trenches or raised beds

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Radish
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Tomato
  5. Lady finger
  6. Bitter guard
  7. Sim (a kind of beans)
  8. Beans
There are many benefits of mulching as you might have read about and some of them I am listing here on top of my head right now.

  1. It helps to retain moisture in the soil for longer duration that helps life of several useful insects in the soil
  2. It controls the temperature; in winter keep the soil warm and in summer keep the soil cool for the insects
  3. It decreases the need of watering/irrigation frequently
  4. It stops the weeds from germinating
  5. It stops the growth of grasses
  6. As it helps life of several useful insects in the soil and those insects keep tilling the land so no tillage is required in the mulched soil
  7. Mulches ultimately decompose itself and becomes a very good natural compost and works as a fertilizer (not chemical)
  8. You get all above FREE !!!
As said in the video, I have a lot of grasses in the farm if anyone can give me an idea on how to sow seeds on these grass fields I would be really grateful.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Farm fresh Coriander and Green gram (organic natural) - second yield from the Natural Farm

Hello everybody,

Here is the second yield of our Rameshwari Natural Farm, Coriander (of course farm fresh). This was our second effort. In the first effort we had just spread the Coriander seeds on the flat surface without digging and loosing soil and weeding (on top of the grass) and hardly one or two sprout. 

This time we spread the pond soil and there was almost no grass and spread the seeds, we get little Coriander, we started irrigating and finally we were able to harvest enough Coriander leaves for two or three days of consumption in the first harvest.

We had also spread Green Gram seeds directly, without ploughing, weeding or cutting the grasses. Because of a lot of grasses many didn't developed well  (because of water logging and on top of heavy grasses). We noticed that where there were less water logging, these Green Gram come up very well.

Above is the yield of Green Gram without any fertilizer, pesticide, ploghing, weeding. Its organic and natural (not even organic fertilizer or pesticides).

Still the taste to be checked, will update this thread shortly !

Taste of the Coriander
Awesome Awesome Awesome, we had Coriander chutney and initially the taste looks different but the more I eat the more it started tasting good. I remembered my old days of coriander (Dhania) chutney. The taste was so good that I ate half a plate of rice with just coriander chutney. Hummmmmmm...... delicious !!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

First yield from Rameshwari Natural Farm - Lady finger

Hurrah !!!!

This is the first yield of our Natural Farm - a Lady finger.

You may wonder, why we are so happy? Because this was sown by us and we have been watching its progress for last couple of days. I am feeling so so excited about it.

Seeing plants growth is a huge satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Progress of our Natural Farm - Rameshwari Natural Farm

Hello all,

You all might be interested to see my farm progress and here it is

I noticed that Pomogrande trees are doing really good out of several others trees we had planted. Plants that are looking good are below

  1. Coconut - good progress
  2. Karipatta - good progress
  3. Mango - stand still - no progress, some how surviving
  4. Guava - looks good, not impressive
  5. Star fruits (1) - looks good
  6. Anjeer - looks good
  7. Jack fruits - ok, surviving
  8. Pomogranade - Impressive, awesome
  9. Sapota - surviving
  10. Lemon - looks good
  11. Sweet lemon - surviving
  12. Bamboo - two are doing well, rest dried, one is stolen by unknown
  13. Lemon grass - doing well
  14. Leechi - not happy, surviving
  15. Water apple (1) - surviving
  16. Papaya - horrible, not even a single survived, may be because of a lot of water logging
  17. Betel nut - looks good, some have come up with fresh leaves
  18. Amla - surviving and doing good
Apart from above trees plants, we have also planted some vegetables like Culiflower, Tomato, Lady finger etc. but not sure how they will do.

Will update them.

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