Sunday, 19 August 2012

Farm fresh Coriander and Green gram (organic natural) - second yield from the Natural Farm

Hello everybody,

Here is the second yield of our Rameshwari Natural Farm, Coriander (of course farm fresh). This was our second effort. In the first effort we had just spread the Coriander seeds on the flat surface without digging and loosing soil and weeding (on top of the grass) and hardly one or two sprout. 

This time we spread the pond soil and there was almost no grass and spread the seeds, we get little Coriander, we started irrigating and finally we were able to harvest enough Coriander leaves for two or three days of consumption in the first harvest.

We had also spread Green Gram seeds directly, without ploughing, weeding or cutting the grasses. Because of a lot of grasses many didn't developed well  (because of water logging and on top of heavy grasses). We noticed that where there were less water logging, these Green Gram come up very well.

Above is the yield of Green Gram without any fertilizer, pesticide, ploghing, weeding. Its organic and natural (not even organic fertilizer or pesticides).

Still the taste to be checked, will update this thread shortly !

Taste of the Coriander
Awesome Awesome Awesome, we had Coriander chutney and initially the taste looks different but the more I eat the more it started tasting good. I remembered my old days of coriander (Dhania) chutney. The taste was so good that I ate half a plate of rice with just coriander chutney. Hummmmmmm...... delicious !!!!


  1. Hi Sheo
    Thats pretty good with the moong dhal given all the factors. I suppose you have to dry the stalks before taking the seeds out. Never seen moong like this so thanks for the picture. How is your borewell doing, you may not be using that much with regular rains in HYD.

  2. Thanks Madhavi,

    Yes, we are drying up the Moong and will take out the seeds.

    For last few weeks we do not have rains so wondering if the vegetables we have sown will survive, lets hope for the best.