Friday, 3 August 2012

Progress of our Natural Farm - Rameshwari Natural Farm

Hello all,

You all might be interested to see my farm progress and here it is

I noticed that Pomogrande trees are doing really good out of several others trees we had planted. Plants that are looking good are below

  1. Coconut - good progress
  2. Karipatta - good progress
  3. Mango - stand still - no progress, some how surviving
  4. Guava - looks good, not impressive
  5. Star fruits (1) - looks good
  6. Anjeer - looks good
  7. Jack fruits - ok, surviving
  8. Pomogranade - Impressive, awesome
  9. Sapota - surviving
  10. Lemon - looks good
  11. Sweet lemon - surviving
  12. Bamboo - two are doing well, rest dried, one is stolen by unknown
  13. Lemon grass - doing well
  14. Leechi - not happy, surviving
  15. Water apple (1) - surviving
  16. Papaya - horrible, not even a single survived, may be because of a lot of water logging
  17. Betel nut - looks good, some have come up with fresh leaves
  18. Amla - surviving and doing good
Apart from above trees plants, we have also planted some vegetables like Culiflower, Tomato, Lady finger etc. but not sure how they will do.

Will update them.

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  1. HI Sheo,

    I am sure you might have plans for the Bee's.If not plan some space for them also..

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi Natureworx,

      Yes, I have plans for Bees as well once my plants are little more established.

      Thanks for suggestions.