Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fruit and vegetable plantation at Rameshwari Natural Farm

Here is the status of Vegetable and Fruits plantation in Rameshwari Natural Farm.


The overall growth of vegetables are fine. Below is the species wise details

  1. Pumpkin - doing good
  2. Lady finger - doing good, however an insect is eating their leaves. Watch the video for the insect (mostly orange in color and little black spot, small insect)
  3. Seem - doing good
  4. Bitter guard - doing good
  5. Snake guard - doing good
  6. French Beans - doing good
  7. Beans - few plants were good rest of them are still growing
  8. Brinjal / Egg plant - doing good (2nd attempt, first seed hardly came up)
  9. Carrot - perhaps didn't know how to plant so tough to detect where are they amid grasses.
  10. Raddish - doing ok
  11. Cauliflower - same as Lady finger
  12. Cabbage - seeds hardly came up, very very small plants are there
  13. Tomato - doing good
  14. Onion - small quantity doing ok
  15. Coriander - doing good
May be because this is our first year of Natural Farming and no chemical fertilizer or pesticides so the growth is not very good. 

I also noticed that the seeds that we have planted from our own store (in house seeds), are doing excellent but the seeds that we have bought from market is not doing good and some how surviving. All seeds bought from market is from standard company and costly. Some of them were Hybrid and some were normal.

Please watch this video and suggest the measure to revive the fruits plants and overcome the insects on vegetables naturally.


Amid a lot of grasses, fruits plants are really not doing good. Below is the status
  1. Coconut - few have died, rest are some how surviving. The leaves are becoming yellow and drying. May be because of more water nearby the roots. I have noticed that some of the plants having more water nearby roots are doing good and some are becoming yellow so not sure the reason of this.
  2. Karipatta - Surviving, the leaves size has become really small
  3. Mango - Surviving
  4. Guava - Surviving, one plant's leaves have been eaten by insects.
  5. Star fruits (1) - Surviving
  6. Anjeer - One has dried up because a person passed urine on it thinking it will work as a fertilizer for that plant but it started dying. Not sure how to revive it.
  7. Jack fruits - Looks like surviving
  8. Pomogranade - doing good in comparison with others
  9. Sapota - surviving
  10. Lemon - surviving
  11. Sweet lemon - surviving, 1-2 are almost dead
  12. Bamboo - 3 have been stolen, 1 has died and 1 is doing ok
  13. Lemon grass - doing good
  14. Leechi - Amid a lot of grasses do not know where are they but they might be surviving for sure
  15. Water apple (1) - surviving
  16. Papaya - all are dead
  17. Betel nut - surviving
  18. Amla - 2-3 are dead, rest are surviving
Important: Note that before planting the fruits trees I have not get the soil checked and even I do not want to do this. I have decided to use minimal amount of modernized techniques in this farm and want to go for completely natural farming. However would like to understand why these plants are not doing good.

Thanks for reading and watching the video.

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  1. "I have not get the soil checked and even I do not want to do this."

    I second this thought...whatever be the soil ...let us go on improving , adding more and more organic matter, green manure crops and growing a combination of crops. Personally ...I like this approach...

    1. Thanks for supporting me Sugunasrimaddala.

      Let me know your feedback and suggestions on other topics as well.

  2. Do a research on Possible insecticides and Pestisides used in Natural farming.

    An example is usage of Powdered Neem Cakes in case of turmeric. Using Clove Oil as Weedicide etc.

    Get in touch with an organization/ nearest agri university.

  3. I heard about sticky pads, which are quite cheap around 10 to 15/-, we have to place those in field with support of sticks, whenever insects trying to fly, those will be stick to these pads.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Ravi,

      If we place a sticky pads in Organic Farming land even the innocent beneficial insects will also die. We should avoid this practice. Instead we should introduce enemy insects in the farm land.


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