Saturday, 27 October 2012

Farm house construction started

Dear All,

I have just started the foundation digging work for my house in the farm. Below are some pictures.

The foundation digging cost by JCB costed INR 1700 (2 hours)

The area of the house will be around 30'x24' (Width x Length). Three bed rooms and a Baramda (portico kind of stuff in front).

I am expecting that it is going to cost me around 1.75 Lacs.

Will keep posting the update, stay tuned.

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  1. Rameshwari,

    Saw your comment on farmnest and came here.

    1. Your land appears flat and may be prone to waaterlogging. Plus once every 5-10 years one can expect a very heavy rain. So my advice would be to constuct your house on stilt foundation. You can use the stilt area as vehicle park, storehouse, etc and live in the upper quarters.
    2. Also make the sloping roof extend as much as possible outside the house so that rain, even if falling sideways with wind does not touch the house.
    3. If you can build skylights in the roof, it will save you lighting cost and provide ventilation.
    4. Tin roof can cause terrific heat in summer and terrific noise during rains. You will need to have double or false ceiling. False ceiling can be made of gypsum board or plywood or hardboard. Also tin sheet can be coated with materials like jute or coir sheet or can be simple covered with mangalore tiles.

    Creeping insects wont enter house and house will be dry even in damp weather, and you will have more wind and ventilation.

    It may be a little more costly, but worth it in long run. Plus house will last longer if water doesnt touch it.

    1. Thanks Ramanth.

      I will surely take these suggestions and implement as much as I can.

      I am also trying to do rain water harvesting for the rain water falling on the roof sheet, do you have any suggestions on this?


  2. Namaskara Narayan,
    I just went through the first and the last post you have made in this blog. And all I have to say at the very end is... A VERY BIG SALUTE TO YOU SIR!!!!
    You have shown the world the way it has to move! By way of spreading knowledge! You are a living/practicing example of how a person should lead his life. I wanted to say a lot... may be next time. You take care and keep up the good work. It's people like you.. who are making this world a better place to live...

    May GOD bless you.

    1. Thanks Guru, perhaps I do not deserve this much of appreciation and praise. I am as simple as others are. Just doing what makes me happy and good for others. Of course learning from all of you one or the other way.

      Keep following and suggesting, if you can.


  3. Sir ,
    I am always a great fan of you since i came to know about you through your videos.Later on started following you on Facebook and came to know about Farming.Sir you are really very inspiring to many people including me.Can i ask you a question how can you balance your life with Software and Hardware(Here it is Farming)??i also wanted to follow your foot steps ,first mastering the subject which i am currently working and later on do something which gives self satisfaction at the same time promote the Natural Resources donno when it happens Sir,but keep up the good work wil try to post in future too
    Thanks for being there and helping people

    1. Thanks Nag.

      Its not easy to manage both of them and certainly I am not doing it perfectly. Hardware (as you said - farming), is to overcome my physical challenges I am facing because of sitting longer hours on computer and of course I want to help others as well. I will try my best to guide and help others if I can.

      I am in process of developing a farming website that may become a center point for farming related people or farming enthusiasts.

      Lets see if things goes in the way it should be.

      Keep guiding and suggesting !


  4. 1.75 Lakhs for entire construction?

    1. Yes, it will be a basic farm house with 3 rooms and a varamda.

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