Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lady finger grown natural farming way

What a size!!!! The typical size of the Lady fingers today was the size of my palm, look at the Lady fingers size below.

In another plot where naturally grown grasses are there, I saw a peculiar type of nest. Perhaps this is of Humming Bird nest but not sure. What a nest !

 In below video, I have tried to compare the Lady finger planted in my neighbor's land and my land. While my neighbor uses all kinds of chemical fertilizer and pesticide; I do not use anything, not even organic pesticide.

Hope above video is convincing; at least I am convinced that my way ie. Natural Farming is a better way for farming.

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  1. hi sheo
    nice to see the ladies finger - the fresh ones are always good. what are planning to plant next.
    the rain water harvesting tank you had dug up is it still holding water. are you using the bore if yes how is the supply

    1. Hi Madhavi,

      Happy to hear after long time. I think Ladies finger will go another few months. In the mean time we have already planted couple of Brinjals and Garlic on the same trench.

      The both pond (not tank) is holding the water and its full. We do use that water sometimes.

      The borewell is yielding 1 hour water currently, the real test will be in the hot summer next year. Lets see how I manage them.


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