Monday, 15 October 2012

Vasant Futane visited Rameshwari Natural Farm

Dear All,

I am happy to share the news that one of the renowned organic farmer of Vidharva (Maharastra) Mr. Vasant Futane ji has visited my farm today (15-Oct-2012). He has been doing organic farming for past 30 years  in his 30 acres of land.

I love the way he entered to my farm land and started analyzing and finding out the grasses types, its root design etc. He was looking like an expert in all these things and of course he is.

Mr. Vasant Futane in the middle visiting Rameshwari Natural Farm

I had a wonderful day today discussing with him about the farm, what to do & how to do etc. He provided a many valuable inputs to improve the farm, about the plants etc.

Thank you very much Sir (Vasant Futane ji) for your time and valuable inputs. Kindly keep suggesting and guiding all of us.

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Sheo Narayan


  1. Shall feel blessed if you could share his advice about NF/OF please.

    1. Hi

      Suggestions are specific to my farm not sure if it applies to all. Like

      1. The type of grasses my farm has is good and it is nitrogen fixer so I should not remove them.

      2. I should plant trees in square shape to create a good micro climate.

      3. Plants should not be planted in the deep pit, it should be planted at the level of the nursery pouch.

      4. When trees are small and it is bearing fruits, ideally you should remove them for the optimum growth of the tree.

      5. I should cut the grasses of my farm and spread to better use them as mulch.

      etc. etc.

      There were many more like this.