Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Visitors at Rameshwari Natural Farm

Here is the list of visitors at Rameshwari Natural Farm

  1. Raju Titus - a renowned name and Guru of Natural Farming in India
  2. Sarada Samantaray - Ex Software professional at a giant US company and now a full time farmer
  3. Srikanth M. - A software professional at a giant US company
  4. Ramesh L.R. - A person having sea of knowledge in technology as well as agriculture and related stuffs
  5. Naveen - A pilot and ex. manager at software company giant. Now very much interested in full time Farming
  6. Vasant Futane - An organic farmer from Vidharv, Maharastra. Doing organic farming for past 30 years.
  7. Yugandhar - A person who has amazing talent in farming related subject. Very eager to do farming.
  8. K. Suresh - A person having sea of knowledge in Farming, Permaculture. Very nice person and full of farming knowledge.
  9. Praveen - Ex banker and now a full time farming, his farm is nearby Dundigal 
  10. Sridevi - A professional and farming enthusiasts particularly interested in floriculture.
Thanks for all of you who has already visited my farm. My farm is open for all to visit, contact us to visit.

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  1. I am planning to buy a small bit of land and willing to do natural farming with help from the people of this forums and site. Looking for land near to Hyderabad. If any one have idea kindly do let me know.