Friday, 2 November 2012

Overall progress of the farm - Tuar, House, Coconut, Vegetables etc.

Dear All,

Here is the progress of my natural Farm. In the first part of the video I show the status of Tuar (a legumes and pulses we generally etc in India) or Red Gram that was sown naturally without tilling, cultivating the land. We had just spread over the grass in the rainy season. They were amid the grass in the whole rainy season and when we cut the grass they have grown good.


After cutting the grass in the same patch, we had spread Mustard. Unfortunately there were not rain after that so they had grown a little but dried up. As we are again getting rain so we have spread Mustard again.

Later, I have show the foundation work of my house in the farm and then the status of Coconut plants, in the end of the video, I have also covered the Bitter gourd and lady finger plants status.

Hope you all are enjoying these videos :)

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  1. Nice work Sheo.. Keep it up...

  2. Long time no update!

    what's going on Sheo? we are waiting for your farmhouse construction updates as well as the other progress with your farm.

    busy with job?


    1. Thanks Muneeb,

      As the Nilam storm arrived it has filled a lot of water in the foundation. It takes time to dry it.

      We are waiting for them to happen.


    2. It's OK Sheo

      was curious and wanted to know the updates.
      I hope Nilam didn't cause any damage to the plants in the farm.

      good luck.