Friday, 18 January 2013

My bore well digging experience

Till now I have dug three bore wells in my farm and here is my experience


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Frustration, tension & jealousness and what not ?

Hello all,

Thanks for your patience for the new post, I am keep getting emails and responses that what is happening in the farm, no status.

Sorry for delay in this post. Here is the status.


  1. We are keep getting Palak (Spinach) regularly from our farm. 
  2. We are keep getting Bottle Gourd regularly from our farm
  3. We are keep getting seem (fali) regularly from our farm
  4. We have got 17KG of tuar daal (red gram) from our farm
House construction
  1. Had restarted the house construction but because of conflict between my temporary care taker and mason, the work has stopped for time being. Its different and strange story, its village politics and jealousless. Long story short, I have spent around a lac of rupees till now in house construction and not even the plinth level is complete and the work has stopped.
Plant status
  1. The drum stick plant that was growing very good has been plucked by someone few days back, I do not know why and who. This is also the result of jealousness. Same is the case of Lemon and other few plants. I do not know what they get by doing this. I have spent my precious time, hard earned money and do physical work to water them one by one and they simply pluck in few seconds and ran away. I am very disappointed.
  2. Coconuts and other plants are doing well. We are watering every 4 days. The temporary care taker charge INR 200 every day to water all the plants. The water we are getting currently is from the pond we had dug and a temporary bore well that gives some water (we fill into a very small pond). I feel these plants will survive but who knows someone can come and pluck these plants too.

Sometimes, I feel very disappointed by seeing all the progress I have made in the farm in last couple of months.

Recently I have also taken electricity connection for the bore well I had dug and here is the story about it This was also a pain, after roaming several weeks to the engineers, line men, paying bribe, talking here and there looks like it has settled now but this was not less than a real frustration.

The purpose of my farm is not to gain any commercial benefit but to spread greenery, create a model natural farm (that doesn't use chemicals and still grow stuffs) for others to follow and help villagers, provide employment to local people etc. but even to do all these good things, a lot of hurdles are created and I am facing them almost every day.

I know this post may discourage newbie who want to get into farming but I would suggest them not to get discouraged. Keep doing good things, one or the other day success will come. I am keep doing good things without any expectations from other side; this is the path I have followed since beginning of my life and will be on it always.

Thanks for reading, keep suggesting your experiences that may help me to overcome all the issues I am facing.