Friday, 18 January 2013

My bore well digging experience

Till now I have dug three bore wells in my farm and here is my experience



  1. Hi Sheo
    That is such a wonderful news you got water, so happy. was worried seeing the frustration level from your last post but this just is great great news.
    As far as these other stuff of stealing, making problems, just take it with a pinch of salt, people will try to bother you when they known you are doing good things.
    good luck madhavi

    1. Thanks Madhavi, need always your guidance.

  2. I have dug three sand bores (shallow bores in river bed), First one goes dry by end of February. Second one was good, but last monsoon, the stream overflowed and made a huge bamboo cluster fall on my bore, effectively ruining it. We dug a thir bore last month that's giving us good water.

    I also got a conventional well dug for household consumption. The diviner said we would get good water at 40 feet. We finally stuck water at 50 feet and now we have about 6-7 ft of water in May. During rainy season, this comes to ground level. :)

    My water struggles lasted 2.5 years and finally it is solved!