Thursday, 14 February 2013

Farm house construction - step wise details

Dear All,

In this post, I would pen down my experience and lessons I have learned during farm house construction. I am still on the way so just posting the picture for now. Will keep updating this post so that one can get all info at one place. This house construction is not using pillars method of construction but old traditional method of foundation digging.

Step 1 - digging the foundation by JCB

Despite that its little cheaper but I would recommend to do it manually through labor as labors digs exact width but JCB doesn't so you will end up consuming more materials. Even if JCB has done it you will need some amount of labor and manual work. So eventually, its the same cost as the labor cost. I have dug around 3 feet of foundation as after that I got morum (sandy soil).

Before you start the foundation make sure that you have bolders or Bindad (irregular shaped stone pieces) ready so that labors can start putting in the foundation. The first layer is the stone piece and then water and soil (mixed soil) and then again stone and mixed soil and then again stone and mixed soil. After three layers, the foundation should come almost to the surface as displayed in the picture below

Step 2 - let it dry

Once the foundation is filled with stone and mixed soil, let it dry for couple of days like above picture.

Step 3 - start the foundation wall

Once the foundation has dried completely, start the foundation wall. In my case I have used Gannate (stone bricks with cement and sand). The wall width should ideally be 18 inches to make sure that it is well stabilized. Add sufficient amount of cement to the sand so that your Masala (mixure) looks blackish. Many also prefer to do this using soil and stone bricks but this is considered weaker.

Step 4 - Wall construction


Once the foundation wall is complete (around 2-3 feet from ground or nearby road), have a layer of concrete and steel rod (plinth at the door) so that the moisture from the ground doesn't touch the wall and it also saves the wall from breaking and make the overall structure strong. I have kept 3 inches concrete and 3 pieces of 8 mm rod and crossed with 6 mm rod every 1 feet. I know this might not be a standard but I felt really hard to get proper stuffs to get ring and thicker concrete.

Step 5 - Ready for door level band

Once all the wall construction is done, house is ready for door level band. Planning to go for 2 piece of 8 mm steel rod all around.

Step 6 - Ready for roofing

After door level, the next step is to lay the wall to the roofing level. As I am going to use coated steel sheet so there is a sloping from back to front and the slope is 2.5 feet in 24 feet lengthy wall. The more sloping, the better it is. As my house is in the middle of the field so people suggested no to increase the height too much or the wind may create problem for the sheets, however my backside wall is around 10 feet and front side wall is 7.5 feet.

Step 7 - Roofing
Once the slope is perfect, put the sheet. In my case I have used Coated sheet that is generally used in Industries. Its of white color so that less heat passes through and coated so less chances of rust. As my house is in the field, no houses are nearby so I have fixed so many J hooks with the pipe over wall and sheets. Still I feel that is not enough as in a little wind, one sheet went off. So I need to put more J hooks and put some more bricks over the top.

Below is the view from the backside.

After wall work is done and coated steel sheet is in place, the plastering work started and here is how it looks.

This is simple three bed room, one hall, two bath room house. No fancy, just simple to live in.

Lesson learnt

There is a lot of hard lesson I learnt during the construction of the house; lesson from Mason, Labors, Material suppliers, Villagers etc. 

Now I know why people are afraid of going to the village again from the cities; why villagers want to come to the city; why rich do not help poor; why people do not help each other; why people are becoming reserve and not becoming social; why people mentality is limited to themselves or family members; why there is no takers of good people; why good people can be counted over fingers; why no one cares what, why and where our surroundings, environment are going; why no one cares whether certain activity will be good or bad for the others or society etc.

The words like human values, ethics, trust, relationship will be only found in dictionary. There will not be any live example in the coming years perhaps.

If anyone is going to construct a house in the farm, please contact me so that I can tell you my experience and you can avoid all the pain I have gone through.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I commend you on your effort as well as blogging you experiences. Seems to me that the mold used to create you is gathering dust up there.
    Anyways just wanted to mention wouldn't it have been better if you had made a terrace on top of the house. It could have been utilised to dry things. a lookout post as well as for the water tanks etc?

    1. Hi Dominic,

      Thanks. The terrace was costing more than the overall cost of wall construction apart from other more problem I might have faced. Water tank is kept on the terrace/slab on top of the bath room. To dry things I have enough place outside the house. Of course, I will miss the look out area from the roof but thats how it is now and I will have to go with it.

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  5. Hello sir, i was a regular follower of your blog. let me thank you for sharing this knowlege. Just curious to know , if you are still regularly visiting your farm? and one more thing, how much did u spend on constructing the house in the farm?

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  8. Thank you for sharing details, What is the total expenditure to construct this house??

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