Sunday, 24 February 2013

Prepared Jivamrita first time

With the help of my caretaker's Ox, we prepared Jivamrita today.

The ingredient I used are below

  1. 200 litre water
  2. 10 kg Ox dung (The best is cow dung but it was not available)
  3. 7 litre Ox urine (Ideal radio should be 5 to 10 litre)
  4. 2 kg Jaggery
  5. 1.5 kg flour of  Green gram (Moong) and Red gram (Tuar) (Ideal ratio is 2 kg)
  6. 1/2 kg soil from under the Neeem tree (Ideally it can be from the bund or from under Pipal tree)
We need to keep this for fermentation for at least 48 hours (mix it well left to right round 6-7 times) and this natural soil improvement solution is ready to use.

We are going to use this for our vegetable beds and fruits trees. I am excited, I have already seen the result of Cow/Ox dung compost (just creating heap and leaving for several months, its awesome).

As you all know my farm is natural farm so I have not used any kind of chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticide till now and I am not going to use in future. I have not even tilled/ploughed/cultivated the field till now. Tilling decreases the quality of soil but grasses are a challenge for me, thinking of some measure to overcome tilling, lets see how it goes.

Thanks for reading

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Sheo Narayan


  1. प्रिय शिव,
    कुदरती खेती में घास और अन्य हरी भूमि ढकाव फसलों का विशेष महत्व है। जुताई करने से घास और ताकतवर होती है,जमीन कमजोर हो जाती है।हरे ढकाव में असंख्य जीव,जंतु ,सूक्ष्म जीवाणु रहते है जो जमीन को गहराई तक बखर देते हैं।घास के ढकाव में दलहन फसलें अच्छी होती है। जुताई नहीं करने से घास अपने आप दूसरी वनस्पति से बदल जायेगा। हमारा खेत कांस घास से भरा था जिसकी जड़ें 30 फीट तक नीचे थीं हम उसे काट कर उसमे बीज छिड़क कर उगाते रहे आज इस घास का एक भी तिनका खोजने पर भी नहीं मिलता है।
    अभी तक घास ने आपके खेत को बचाया है।उसकी हिंसा गलत है। रहा सवाल गोबर और गोमूत्र का यदि आपके फार्म में अवशेष के रूप में उपलब्ध है तो उसे खेतों में लोटा देने से लाभ है किन्तु इसकी दवाई बना कर डालने से कोई लाभ नहीं है।ये कुदरती खेती के सिधान्तों के खिलाफ हानिकर उपाय है।बाहर से लाई गयी गेर कुदरती दवाई विष और विषाणु उत्पन्न करती हैं।

    1. Thanks for the comment respected Raju uncle.

      I am not going to use any medicine to overcome the grasses, please reset assured. I am also thinking to use cover crops and I have to choose based on my climate.

      I am almost sure Green gram and Red gram is working however need to try others too.

      Best regards
      Sheo Narayan

  2. Hi Narayan,

    As you said, We should not till the land with tractor or any other machine as it spoils the soil. Not only soil becomes very hard, all other good earth warms will die.

    The best way to plough the land is to use ox or bullock, it is zero expensive, good for nature and ecology, good for bullocks also as they will not be sent to slaughterhouses.

    1. Hi Srinivas,

      Ploughing the land with Ox or Bullock is no more zero expensive, it has become more expensive and frustrating that tractors. Tractors are easily available but people having oxes and bullocks are rarely available.

      I am struggling to get bullock or ox for last 5-6 days to sow grass seed for my cow but no luck.

      I think no tillage is the only option.