Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Snakes around, what is the best way to keep them away

Since last two days, we have faced 2 snakes. Its not like we have not seen snakes so farm in our farm but they were escaped outside.

This time (19-Feb-2013), below snake that looks red in color just crossed by me and my care taker followed it and killed. He said, it was Cobra (Naag).

On 20-Feb-2013, we got another snake nearby my house construction that was hidden under the asbestos sheet. When they tried to pull the sheet up, it appears. This one was of soil color and bigger than yesterday's snake. I can clearly see a mark on its forehead (This was Cobra or Naag in Hindi).

I am fearful these days.

We had noticed a snake few months before whose length was almost 5-6 feet and went into the construction materials (Stone bricks) after that we do not know where it went.

My care taker burnt the first snake immediately after killing and the same he did to the second one. Today he put 1 rupee coin in its mouth and burnt. I do not know why but looks like that is the tradition here to burn.

What is the best way to keep snakes away? Anyone who can suggest some plant or any other way to keep snakes away from living area plots, that would help.

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Sheo Narayan


  1. Please don't kill snakes, those are farmers friends, for example they eats rats etc from your farm, which are indirectly helping you. Hope that you are familiar with Bio-diversity.

    Snakes won't bite till they feel safe.

    Maintain peacocks in your form to avoid snakes coming into your farm.

    1. Dear Ravi,

      Thanks for suggestions, however these two snakes were really near to the caretaker house. He just killed it, I couldn't stop him as he sleeps in night there alone.

      I know we should not have killed but just for safer side I couldn't stop.

      I have a plan to keep Peacocks, I heard that there is a restriction on peacocks? Any idea?

  2. Sir, Please...... Please.......Please......... Don't allow anybody to kill snakes. They are not going to hurt anyone unless they feel threatened.

    I know, it's easy to say but difficult to follow! If you are afraid of snakes coming into you home/house, you can actually spread small stones(with sharp edges, we call it JALLI KALLU, in Kannada) around the house and snakes won't enter your house. As Ravi rightly said, they are indeed friends of farmers and have every right to live. Hope what I said make sense.

    PS: We look upon you as a role model, hence please don't mind my blabbering.

    1. Dear Guruprasad,

      Thanks for treating me as a role model.

      Could you send me a pic of Jalli Kallu?

      Believe me, we will not kill snakes once we are settled or we are feeling unsafe, however as our caretaker sleeps in night without a house so he feels unsafe.

      Our house construction is still in progress.

  3. Hi Sheo,

    Try to plant "Nagadali soppu" (kannada name). I was told that it keeps snakes away. Not sure how far it is true...


    1. Dear Biju,

      Thanks for your suggestions, any pic of "Nagadali soppu". I tried to google but couldn't find.


  4. Hi We have no rights to kill god created creatures ,snakes infact help the farm ,when they are i field rats never get enter into farm.

    Yes safeguard is better by wearing farm shoes to avoid mistakenly bitten if our legs come over them .This is for their safety sake only they responds.

    Keep tulsi and keep the place garbage free as you quoted construction items generally snakes comes to shelter for warmer places...

    Infact they try to ran away seeing humans.....

    Humans enter into their territory....whether it is elephant ,tiger etc ,Dont commit the same mistake again.....please

    Stay around as much possible close to nature...

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thanks for your advice, we will not kill them again. As these snakes were nearby the semi-constructed house and the caretaker sleeps in the night on the field itself so there was a danger of biting.

      We are regretting but that was a life risk so my caretaker killed.

      I publicly apologies for this.


  5. Indian Army often uses Carbolic Acid (found in Phenyl Solutition) or Carbide Powder to deter snakes from their camps. Any domestic liquid Phenyl or Calcium Carbide powder(used for generating Acytelene gas for brazing) will prove helpful.

  6. Buy two Guinea fowl will get a pair of these hens for Rs300. I had the same problem but after I bought these hens, I dont see any snakes in my farmhouse. apparently these hens eat baby snakes and kill smaller Snakes tend to avoid the areas frequented by these hens.

    Also , they eat a lot of insects ..will help control the pests in your farm.

    1. Thanks Vamsi.

      What you feed them and are they roam around your farm openly?

  7. Being a natural person, do not kill snakes or any living.
    you can see visit here..K.Rajkumar (Founder, General Secretary)
    Plot no: 116, Saipuri colony,
    Sainikpuri P.O, Secunderabad-500094
    Ph: 091-96420-68557 & 091-92462-76253(SNAKE)

  8. Snake proof fencing may also help.

  9. Dear Friend,

    Snakes are a part of nature and as you are doing Natural Farming kindly give some space to these children of our mother earth, as you already know that snakes don't harm until disturbed so whenever there is an encounter with snakes always try to give them a way. For more safety you can buy snake catching equipments to remove them from your house, The equipments can be purchased from

    Only 20 % of snakes found to be venomous, they can be very useful to control population of rodents in a natural way... Keep the good work up...All d best


  10. Dear Sheo Narayan,

    Please use Carbolic Acid and Spray it on your construction area to keep away Snakes.

    You must really be experiencing a serious snake problem to justify such need for snake repellents. If the purpose of using these chemicals is to simply drive the snakes away, then it maybe reasonable. Dousing them with corrosive substances will only make them more aggressive, hence dangerous. Snakes are natural predators. They would only enter places where potential prey can be found. So, eliminating their prey animals (i.e rodents) is necessary to prevent accidental encounter and eventually fatal bites. It is totally unwise to eliminate snakes. They are part of the mechanism that checks the proliferation of destructive pests. However, certain species are venomous and these types are the ones that really need to be avoided. The use of carbolic acid is not totally safe. It is a very toxic chemical that is known to cause deaths. Though certain communities in Africa are known to paint carbolic acid in their homes to discourage poisonous snakes form entering, poisoning is also a huge problem especially with children. Certain chemical repellents are available in the market. One that I know of is a combination of sulfur and naphthalene. The way these chemicals work is simple: The snake tastes the air with it's forked tongue. Then, it feeds the scent to its jacobson's organ, which is the snake's organ for taste/smell. We all know how pungent sulfur and naphthalene can be. Now, the snake realizes that this very uncomfortable smell can be a sign of danger and simply moves away. Some people use sulfur alone. But it proved to be toxic and harmful to the snake. Naphthalene itself is very volatile and can be mistaken for candy by very innocent children. You can also have a very safe, healthy and organic alternative: Garlic! We used to live in the country and snakes naturally enter our house. My father would pound cloves and cloves of garlic and put them in places where snakes congregate. Well, of course it was quite discomforting sometimes. But we rather dare the smell of garlic than risk getting bitten by a five foot cobra. And it worked! Again, we don't have to kill snakes just for the sake of allaying our fears. There is always a way to co-exist with these helpful but potentially deadly predators. Here are some proven strategies to snake-proof your home:
    1. Always keep your surroundings clean and empty containers covered. Snakes love to stay
    in cool, shady places. So, keep litter and empty containers in proper places.
    2. Seal- off potential entry places in the house. If this is not possible, keep rooms well lit
    anytime someone enters.
    3. Keep drawers and cabinets tightly closed/locked. My mom once picked something very
    smooth and rounded in her closet only to realize it wasn't her favorite buckle. It scared the
    heck out of her!
    4. Have a pet cat, dog, pig, parrot or even a monkey. These animals are known to be very
    restless and noisy at the sight of a snake.
    5. Eliminate your rodent problem. It's nature's law: Wherever the prey goes, the predator
    6. Try to make noise or create vibrations by any means to alert the snake of your presence.
    They would usually withdraw and slide away.
    7. Be familiar with species that exist in your locality. Try to know if anti-venom is available.
    If the sight of a slithering snake scares the life out of you, please don't hesitate to ask for help! The local animal bureau or animal control team can be of help. Don't try to kill the snake yourself or ask someone to do just that! It's very dangerous! Snakes really fight back when hurt! So, extra caution is very necessary.

    Rama Krishna immadi
    ITC Limited - ABD - ILTD
    Andhra Pradesh

    1. Great information Rama Krishna.

      Appreciate your detailed reply and it will really help me and others too.

      Thanks again.

  11. Have you sighted any peacock or owls (predators to snakes) in your area ?... to encourage owls, there are simple ways to build a house which you will find in web. Keeping dogs and cats in the farm also helps a lot..

  12. I am scared of snakes .i constructed a farm house in my 5hectare oil palm garden .i have few suggestions for u . Compound wall ht .5ft ,1ft. Under the ground 2. Gate for compound is shutter tpe lift it go in and leave it to shut .for support 1 ft. Concrete thresh hold 3.keep watch dog.tie muvvalu (small bells ,andiyalu) .the vibrations keep snakes away 4.collect food leftovers in paper bags and dump them away.5 hay stacks ,compost beds away from house..6.spread sharp granite stones 1 ft. Around the c.w 7.protect water outlets with holed plates 8 . Trees no overhanging into premises 9 .no plants inside 10 protect doors and windows with mosquito mesh 10.keep the premises clean .no bushes .no weeds a herbicide is sprayed accordingly.11.u may resort to chemicals which is not a gaurentee

  13. What is the dilution ratio of carbolic acid and water? any one can tell?