Monday, 29 April 2013

Attended two days workshop of Mr. Subhash Palekar

I had an opportunity to attend two days workshop on cow based Zero Budget Spiritual Farming  by Mr. Subhash Palekar.

I must say it was worth my time and effort. Very impressive and scientific.

In my 15 years of professional life, I have attended hundreds of meetings/workshops with notepad and pen in my hand but hardly had filled even one page of the notepad till the end of the meeting. But in this workshop, I wrote almost 18 pages of useful information. You can imagine how useful I found this workshop.

I also got opportunity to meet with like minded people and share information. In coming day, I am planning to share the knowledge I have gained during this workshop. I am also going to implement them in my farm this year.

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Met with legendary Mr. Subhash Palekar

I think you all might be knowing the inventor of Zero Budget Natural Farming, Mr. Subhash Palekar. I had an opportunity to meet with him today and spent almost an hour discussing several stuffs with him.

He was so kind to give enough time and talk with me. We shared several stuffs with each other and it was nice time. I am going to attend two days workshop here in Hyderabad starting from 27-Apr-2013.

He was very enthusiastically asking stuffs from me knowing that I am a software professional and doing farming. Of course he was not thinking that I am mad as many other think :D

Take care and hoping to bring him to my farm some day.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cucumber so big - Natural Farming way

This is the first time I have seen this big Cucumber, click on the picture below. 

I had sowed cucumber seeds few weeks before (6-7 weeks) after preparing trench and have applied Cow dung manure (Jivamrita) 3-4 times. See videos here where I have shown the trenches.

The Cucumber I have got today is almost 1 feet long and weight about 1kg. It goes without saying that I have not spread any other fertilizer or pesticide on this.

Compare the bigger one in comparison with others. Even if its so big, it is still fresh and tasty.

The seeds I had got was from the Agri mela (pure Indian and local seeds) organized last year in Nampally, Hyderabad.

Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Farm update - 17-April-2013

Hello everybody,

Sorry for not updating about the farm for last couple of months. I was quite stuck with Farm house construction and slowly coming out of it.

Watch this video and know what's going on currently.

We were getting vegetables since last 4 months from our farm for house consumption, except Potato and Onions. You can see the Output page to know what kind of vegetables we were getting. It goes without saying that the taste, quality and feel was much better than market vegetables.

Few weeks before I had planted Cucumber and we had got 2 nos. till now. Surprisingly even the last portion of those cucumber were not bitter, all were eatable and sweet. As we have got very good rain for two days few weeks before so again my farm is looking green covered with grasses and old Bitter gourd plants have become green and yielding.

We have also got 2nd harvest from the same Red Gram plants we had sowed in last rainy season. As per Raju Titus uncle suggestion, we had not cut the Red Gram plants during our first harvest. We had just plucked the grains and left the plants as it is. We irrigated them few time and they started flowing and bearing grains. You can see them in the video above.

For last couple of months, I struggled a lot during construction of the Farm, you can read a bit about it in that post. Was depressed and went into Negative mode however the love of greenery and my commitment to do something good for the society brought me back and I am good to go.

Thanks for reading and sorry for some straight words, negative words if any. If you have any suggestions, comments or want to help me, let me know.

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