Thursday, 25 April 2013

Met with legendary Mr. Subhash Palekar

I think you all might be knowing the inventor of Zero Budget Natural Farming, Mr. Subhash Palekar. I had an opportunity to meet with him today and spent almost an hour discussing several stuffs with him.

He was so kind to give enough time and talk with me. We shared several stuffs with each other and it was nice time. I am going to attend two days workshop here in Hyderabad starting from 27-Apr-2013.

He was very enthusiastically asking stuffs from me knowing that I am a software professional and doing farming. Of course he was not thinking that I am mad as many other think :D

Take care and hoping to bring him to my farm some day.


  1. You had a great oppurtunity meeting him and attend his two day work shop.Hope you will make the best out of the seminar....

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