Sunday, 26 May 2013

Calf, Cow and a software engineer holding camera :D

You all know I am a typical software professional. Today I was trying my hand to control my farm's grazing cow and holding camera in my hand to suit the calf and cow grazing the lush green vegetables bed.

As usual, the calf was jumping here and there and his mother was trying to locate him and she couldn't keep patience and went out of control. I as usual was keeping the camera on to capture the natural picture of cow and calf jumping around and see what happens.

The camera went upside down and still I was trying my best to locate cow and calf keeping the camera on top of my head :D :D :D

Sorry, I am not a good camera man.

Enjoy the novice camera man video and sorry if you are getting irritated.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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  1. Excellent! It's funny! What i find totally contradictory is that a person spends time raising this animal, caring for it, grooming it, must feel some attachment and affection - knowing the whole time it will be killed. Please stop saying "harvest" that is decietful just as "enhanced interrogation" really means torture. Call it what it is - slaughter. Good day!~ Maria Hall

  2. Good work bro..
    Im also following ur footsteps.. Sfotware Engineer living in US.. Dairy farming was m passion from my college days and im going to pursue that in small scale when I return..

  3. Hi Narayan sir.,
    Where are you form I want to visit your farming site for gain knowledge please send me details to contact you