Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New (First) member of our Farm - A holy cow

I am happy to share this. We have bought a cow today from Sankarpally cow fair. They said, this species origin is from Maharastra and its name is Deoni.

She is expecting calf in another 2 weeks or so as said by its ex-owner but I feel it may take 1 month at least.

Its not very small not very big in size. Medium built but looks beautiful. Today, I lived my mothers dream, she always wanted to keep cow in our home and she did too but not too long. After buying this cow, I was missing my mom a lot. Hope wherever she is, must be feeling proud and happy about me.

The plan is to start collecting cow dung and urine to prepare Jivamrita and other useful mixture for betterment of soil and plants.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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  1. Dear Sheo

    Good to see your progress. Keep up the good work. Just like to what price u bought it for.




  3. Hi,

    Keep up the good work. you are an inspiration for a lot of IT people.


  4. Hi,

    The cow looks more like a Gir than a Deoni. Even the color is Gir's. Anyways, any Indian breed is good for natural farming and Girs are excellent for dairy.

    Good luck!! :)

    1. Thanks AK. I think Deoni has emerged from Gir and one more variety of Maharastra. So some of the features are of Gir but this is Deoni.

      You can see its horn, bend downwards.

      Thanks again.

  5. Hi Narayan,

    I'm also a S/W professional and I am very much inclined towards Vedic Sanatana Dharma and Especially cows are my heart and soul (I love them so much). Unfortunately in this world of so called modern era cows are rarely seen around, and in this Vedic bhoomi where cows were ought to be seen everywhere, they have become nearly extinct. And even if we see some, they are found to be western cows. :-( I'm greately pleased to see your love for go-mAtA and your efforts in rearing indian cows are commendable!

    Owing to my dispassion for modern world and my gravitation towards ancient indian culture, i'm not sure how far i would be able to continue in this IT field. Somewhere in near future i see myself stepping into cow protection and dairy farming alongwith attaching myself with Vedic dharma. I am happy to see that you have already strode on that path, and you would become my role model in my journey.
    I have only one fear which haunts me - being the sole pillar on whom my dependents and myself live, if i make a shift from IT to go-seva fulltime, would I be able to make my living in a decent way? It's very tough for me to make this sudden shift, because if i swim, all would swim, if i sink, i would be responsible for their sinking. - If you could kindly guide me with suggestions on how to balance it out, I would be highly grateful.

    May god be always with you. I'm truly impressed and highly motivated seeing your efforts for cow protection.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for writing to me and appreciating my effort. I tried, trying my best.

      My suggestion would be not to shift completely to what you want to do, chances are you may sink. Be careful and get a taste of this first.

      The grass always looks green the other side, things looks really colorful when you sit home and think about agri and animal husbandry but its not that colorful.

      In reality you have a lot of things to face and struggle.

      If you gut feeling says that you will do it, go ahead and jump. Those who jump into water only learn how to swim and get success, those who are at bank of the river keep thinking, they keep thinking forever.

      However, I would suggest you to start your venture in your home town with support of your family members (be sure that you are spending 24x7 on what you do) and keep money for all the different expenses of at least 2-3 years before jumping.

      Good luck and if ethics, honesty, good people still exists on the earth; you may find all of them.

      Best regards
      Sheo Narayan "Farmer"

    2. Thanks for your pointers and suggestions, friend! :-) Would keep them in mind before taking any such decision. :-)

      Best regards,

  6. This cow is Red Kandhari breed and not Deoni.This breed is very much prominent in maharatsra and its having good milk yield.

    1. Thanks, may be. This is the breed name the broker said.

  7. Hi Narayan

    Appreciate your effort and I am also an IT professional and have also started the ZBF (Zero Budget Farming). I have purchased a Red Singhi cow(as told by the owner). But few days back, one veterinary doctor told, that its a mix of 70:30 ratio of Hariyana and jersey cow. But I am not convinced about that, none of the characteristic resembles to the Jersey cow.

    Do you have some experience around or some references by going which we can determine the purity of indigenous Indian Cow.a