Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Strange but true: There is no domestic (Desi) seeds of Maize

Few days before I was at seed shop and was trying to buy seeds of rice, maize and others. When I asked for the Maize seeds from the shopkeeper, he gave a pack of Maize seeds that was Hybrid. I asked for domestic or not hybrid seeds and to my surprised he said there is no other seeds of Maize except Hybrid and even it doesn't come from any company. It means that the domestic or non-hybrid seeds of Maize are almost gone, it is no more available now, is this the case?

The same thing happen to Jawar, I asked for Jawar and he had only Hybrid seeds however I know there are domestic seeds available.

From top-to-bottom everyone in the agriculture field is slave of bigger companies/corporate companies and they are trying to exploit farmers. The government, the seeds producer, fertilizer manufacturer and distributors, seeds shops everyone. Now even for seeds, farmer has to depend on seed producer because in general Hybrid seeds can't be stored for next season crops.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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