Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Farming, it will teach you meditation

Ha Ha Ha, nothing to write anything specific or you can say, I have a lot to write but do not want to share as this might not be interesting. The reality is not always good or interesting.

However, I noticed one thing. If someone (particularly those who are not from farming background) doesn't know how to Meditate then venture into farming and you will learn yourself how & why to meditate or you will understand the benefit of meditation :D

You will have a lot of tension, headache, worry, happiness, sadness etc. and they will force you to start meditating otherwise life will become a mess. I am writing this in context of my experience (a software professional doing farming).

I recently came from Vipassana meditation (10 days whole day meditation), if I would not have ventured into farming, perhaps I would not have gone there :D :D :D :D

One other things is if you have money and not sure how and where to spend, buy a farm and try to maintain it yourself. You will spend money like anything (my experience).

Till now, I spend almost several Lacs rupees in my farm house in last one year (hard earned money) and return is almost negligible (either monetary, peace of mind, satisfaction). It goes without saying that I might have taken some wrong decisions and that lead to this however the circumstances, surroundings and need lead me to do this. All this has taught me a lot of lessons but one thing is universal truth that unless you are at your farm 24x7 and making your hand dirty along with labors, you will hardly have return or forget about return (monetary) even peace of mind or satisfaction.

Now you all might be feeling that what happened to me, I was so excited about farm for since last one year and now I am talking almost negative stuffs. No, its not like that, I am still doing what I used to do since last one year and will keep doing however I feel its my moral responsibility to share my experiences to all readers/friends/farming enthusiasts so that they do not face the same problem that I have faced.

I do not want to share only positive stuffs (I have shared a lot in my previous posts) to all of you as it creates a rosy picture in mind and that may sometimes lead to wrong decision.

Almost daily, I receive calls from people around the world congratulating, appreciating my efforts. Many of them says, I am living their dream or they get inspired seeing what I am doing. Thanks to all of you, in fact I get inspired when you all talk these things over phone or in email. So keep sending and inspiring me.

The bottom line is, spend money while doing farming very carefully. Do not expect return either in terms of satisfaction, peace of mind or money from the farm easily. There are a lot of dependencies; keep patience (if you do not know how to keep patience, farming will teach you so do not worry :D) and keep doing farming.

This is the way of life, softwares will come and go, industries will come and go, technical knowledge will become outdated, people says "Change is the only constant" but I feel change may also change  but once you know natural farming, it will never change. Its a life time knowledge not only for you but for your generations to come.

So come, lets do natural farming, its sustainable. Challenges are everywhere (if its not, you are dead), face it and win!!!

When I say sustainable, only when you are doing yourself and limiting your expectations. I was not doing myself completely.

Thanks for reading, do let me know your feedback and comments.

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