Saturday, 15 February 2014

Want to enter into farming sector and need guidance?

Dear All,

First of all, let me thanks to all of you who encouraged me while I was doing farming.

You must be knowing that I was very very active in Natural/Zero Budget Farming for more than 1 year and have produced several grains and vegetables.

My farm has everything one need to create an ideal farm because I did so much of investment and spent tons of time there to bring it to this stage. However Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I am not that active in farming now, there are many reason behind it. (Perhaps I might be breaking many hearts by saying this as many had told me that I am living their dream, they want to be like me and I am one of the ideal person for them etc. I apologies from you guys, sorry.)

I have no guilty feeling about what I have done so far for farming and the money and time I have spent for it as this has given me immense amount of experience in life that I would not have learnt otherwise.

I am proudly saying that I have failed in farming but the experience I have got from it would help life long and I can guide others who want to enter into the farming so that they do not fail.

I think one of the most respectable person of India had once said that if you read success story of  a person you get only message but if you read failure story you get to know how to avoid those mistakes that will lead to failure.

You must have heard about a person who is successful and have started consulting work to make other successful, perhaps I am the only person who is a not successful but have started farming consulting work to make sure that whoever comes to me do not do the same mistake I have done it that leads to failure. Here are some FAQs about it.

Q. Why you have decided to do farming consultancy?
A. I receive a lot many calls from farming enthusiast or persons who are desperately looking to change their career and come to the farming field. Perhaps they are into the same situation where I was 3 years before. I do not want them to be in the same situation that I have been and fail like me.

Q. Will you take consultancy fees?

A. Yes, nothing is free. Even the experience I have got now (of course I have failed and I do not have regret about it) came after spending 8 lacs rupees in cash that was hard earned money. I want to give at least some respect to that money. It will be a nominal fees as the purpose here is not to make money but make others feel that my time and experience is also precious. If you start distributing something free, hardly any one listens and the value decreases (this is one of the lessor learnt).

UPDATE (15-Jan-2016): Now, I am not charging for the consultancy, it is free. As long as I am free, do call me or send an email.

Q. Why should I pay consultancy fees for the knowledge that is already available on the web?

A. Go ahead and do on your own and you might end up in the same situation where I am after more than one year. I was also feeling that smart. I had spent more than 6 months to do research over the web and then had bought the farm land and set up things but it didn't work out. The knowledge that is available on net is either not real world or to do real word it takes different approach. They might not be written by sitting in the real world farm but in the safe comfortable fully facilitated room. It is just like central government water pipeline erection program that is prepared in office and when it goes to the ground, the water pipeline is erected from downwards to upwards direction :)

Its you to decide whether you want to do the work yourself and fail or want to take informed decision and sustain or avoid mistakes.

Q. Are you not getting commercial?

A. What's wrong in it? Break your dream, do not live in fictitious world. Everything is commercial, one or the other way. The money you have earned so far would not have come to you unless you have worked for money or the farm you are going to buy or have has monetary value.

Q. What short of stuffs would you share in the consultancy session?

A. Everything that you want to know. From buying farm to setting up the farm. My knowledge  is mainly focussed on following ways of farming

  1. Natural Farming
  2. Zero Budget Farming
I do not support chemical farming and I would not be giving any positive knowledge on it however I can share the knowledge of disadvantages of chemical farming.

Q. Any guarantee or warrantee of the consultancy fees?

A. Ha Ha Ha, of course. As long as I am free and you want to talk over phone or in person you can talk to me about it. I am more desperate to make you successful than you might be yourself. 

Q. Can you give online consultancy as I am not based in Hyderabad, India?

A. Yes, its possible.

Q. How should I contact you?

A. Please email to FarmingFunda{at}[do not spam].