Sunday, 26 April 2015

Harvesting tomato, chilly, maize etc from Rameshwari Natural Farm

Harvesting tomato, chilly, maize etc from Rameshwari Natural Farm

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  1. Dear Sheo narayan,
    your venture into agriculture is very commendable
    hope to benefit from your experience. I also plant to start similar venture. could you some details as guidance.
    sanjay malik

  2. Hi Sheo Narayan,

    I followed your posts. I admire your passion for organic farming. I am also interested in the same. Recently we visited a cow based organic farm in Ungutur mandal in West Godavari district. The details are shared in my blog.

    Thanks again for your wonderful work.


  3. Please don't make such jumpy videos, they pain and strain the eyes. Hold the phone steady and don't walk around, also don't put fingers before the lens.

    What you are doing qualifies as hobby gardening, not farming. And you are not doing it yourself even.

  4. Excellent broo could you share your contact number or Im id so that i will have a look at this site once and start following your path

    1. I am Vijay Kumar, I have started farming. You can contact me @9059010123

  5. I can’t imagine focusing long enough to research; much less write this kind of article. You’ve outdone yourself with this material. This is great content.

  6. Hey Sheo, This is my 2nd time visit on your great blog. You really did amazing agricultural work here. I totally enjoyed your Harvesting tomato, chilly, maize etc video. This is cool work man. Thank you very much for your good work. Best Tiller