I am Sheo Narayan, a software professional by profession. Worked in IT Industry for about 10 years. Got everything by God grace. In 2010 started my own e-learning company IT Funda Corporation, after two years I felt degrade in my health. Was not able to sit even one hour on the chair as my thigh used to pain and the side effect is that my head starts paining.

I joined Gym, paid 1 year fees in advance but hardly went there. Then I thought the only solution is to change the life style.

I used to watch Baba Ramdev videos on Aastha channels and got inspired to do something natural. Watched almost all videos available on the internet, many books for about 6 months and then thought of buying land.

This farm land is 3.10 acres land situated at Amdoor village nearby Begumpt (on Patancheru to Daulatabad road - approximately 12.5 KM from Patancheru, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India). Its an agricultural land.

I want to dedicate this especially to my great parents Late Ram Dhyan Mehta (Father) and Late Dhaneshwari Devi (Mother). After concatenating both names (Ram Eshwari), the name of this farm emerged as "Rameshwari".

Late Ram Dhyan Mehta (Ram) [died on 09-April-1996]
Late Dhaneshwari Devi (eshwari) [died on 24-August-1999]

Ma, Alas! I had an opportunity to sleep in your lap again.
Papa, I had to talk a lot with you, Alas! you would have come for 15 minutes again. 

As always any feedback, comment or suggestions are most welcome. Please contact us.

Sheo Narayan Farmer


  1. Sheo, you are doing good job buddy. I really felt like buying a farmland from quite sometime, Farming is good choice for IT guy, but my question is are you able to do all the hard work of field on your own?

    1. Till now I am doing all things myself and there is no plan to get it done by someone. If that was the case I might not have bought the farm.

      The whole purpose of the farm is to do some physical work and eat fresh, poison less food.

      This is going to be natural farm, so no fertilizer, no pesticides, no tilling etc. Just keep the in the earth, if it grows well if not well too!


    2. Dear sir i have some properties at West Godavari District. I want to sale immediately. what's the process to sale easy. Please reply me to sriniwaas2013@gmail.com. Its very urgent for me. I am waiting from lat 3 months for buyers

  2. Great Work My Dear Brother
    After 35 years of age I will also do the same! I have 2.5 Acr Land in my home town village and my father is doing agriculture after his retirement.


  3. Dear Sheo
    I saw the chat transcript at Savera Farms and that is how i came to know of this site. Quite interesting and it is really nice to know that educated people are now into farming . Keep posting.

    Mr. Girirajan: If you are going to enter later into agriculture why keep your land idle. Plant some trees and take care of them and they will take care of you when you are 35.

    Giri rdpgiri@gmail.com

  4. Good Work Sheo.. I really appreciate all yor work and vision.

  5. Hello Sheo,

    Indeed a great job, really appreciate your passion for farming. That is definitely the dream of many IT professionals which you have made it happen. Might as well think of employing local people in your farm.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thanks Sharad,

      Have already employed a person and he is taking care of the farm periodically basis.

      Looks good.

    2. Mr Sheo u are doing a good job keeping and caring Indian breed Desi cows is an excellent work u r doing, keep it up. Very few people these days are having such thinking. May Shri Hari fulfil ur dreams....Kailash Chandr Sharma,( sharmakailash513@yahoo.com)

  6. Organic Greetings !
    Congrats ! Mr Sheo Narayan !
    Some day I will surely visit you and your farm !
    I also had changed my business of Sanitarywares, Wall & Floor Tiles, Bathroom Fittings & Building Materials after I'm able to start Gau Seva (Indian Oirigin Gir Breed)in my Kalindee Kanhai Gaushala, which had given me direction for Pure & Chemical Free Food and I have started "PRAKRITI" - An Indian Traditional Swadeshee Products Hatadee/Store, where in we kept all the Organic Grains, Pulses, Cereals, Spices, Herbal Soap & Shampoo, Natural Prodcuts, Gavaayurved Products(Ayurved + Indian Cow's Panchgavya) & Traditional Indian Handi-crafts.
    Wish You All the Very Best.
    Jayesh Parikh

    1. Thanks Parikh.

      Nice to hear about you changing your business. Khudos and keep it up! Where are you located and is it possible to visit your farm as well?

      You are most welcome at my farm any day, just visit this page http://www.rameshwari.com/p/farm-visit.html for more details and let me know.

      Thanks again

  7. great job bu u sir

  8. Really amazing, Sheo. I am extremely impressed and will schedule a visit the next time I come to Hyderabad. Sustainable agriculture is what the world really needs now (I mean REALLY..no subsitute)..
    It is great to see people like you who implement things practically and serve as model to our society. I am sure many people will be impressed and also influenced by your natural organic farm and modify their own farming practices...I also like the way you are inviting many knowledgeable people and learning from them!
    Kudos to you and your parents are blessed to have a great son like you.
    Btw..I have recently purchased 7.5 acres of agriculture (paddy) land under canal near a village nearby miryalaguda, AP from my uncle. right now my uncle is lease farming for me and in future after I come back to India from USA, I wish to do farming as well along with my weekday job.

    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people!

    -Sharath K

  9. Gr8 to know about this sir, especially starting on the name of parents (i dont get words).
    Myself a software professional planning to start farming (zero budget & organic farming). So will reach you for suggestions & ideas if you dont mind


    1. Sure Girish, I will be more than happy to help you if I can.

  10. farmers are lacking in farming with illiteracy they are failing to use to advanced technologies in their farming you proved an educated guy started doing farming how he can bring good results from this mother earth in natural way. we have to educate farmers in how to utilize natural techniques to produce better results .
    you are doing a great Job..

    1. Dear Sheo,

      hats of you brother. 1st thing in the morning after switch on compute I do log in farment and agriculture information where I used to come accross your posting,

      I have more personal questian but beleive that every aspirant farmer has the same questian in his midn. When you quit the comofrt of IT corproae life and after spending such time own farming what is the feel on your returns of satisfaction and return of economics. How you could manage the family life in such remote area and whether our apprehensions till gets dirty are just apprehensions?

      kindly guide


  11. Hi Sheo,

    Firstly, awesome work. We live in warangal and its hard to find some good agriculture land around warangal and hyd. do you have any suggestions or you know somebody who is selling agriculture land in wgl or hyd.

  12. Mr. Sheo, kudos! I am getting ready to do farming in my 2000 sq. yds. plot near Shamirpet. What inspires me is the natural farming you are doing. Worth taking help from you when my motions turn into actions, which is very soon!

  13. Hello Sheo Narayan,

    I happened see your Blog through some random search on Google, and ended up reading your blog.

    Good to know your doing a bit of organic farming. BTW I too have 7 acers of Paddy Land almost close to your farm, which is near to Vaddepally. I too work for a IT Firm and when ever I get some time off for myself iam spending on my Farm.

  14. Dear Sheo

    I am Zahed from Bangladesh.I found your site through some random search on Google.I like your ideas.I am also trying to do same kind of farming.Keep posting.


  15. Great job Narayan garu, are you following Palakar Zero Budget Natural Forming?

  16. Hi Sheo

    I am a Mechanical Engineer, and I have gone through your website. You are inspiring most of the educated people towards natural farming. For the last three months I am going through the videos of Palekar ZBNF and Rajiv Dixit videos. Could you please suggest me near to your land any agriculture land avilable, we are three friends to start natural farming with desi cows.
    9618010203, Nizampet village, Hyderabad

  17. Hi Narayan sir,

    I was also with simillar interest so searching for advise and i got your website.

    Please tell cheaper way of fencing...

  18. Hi Narayan,

    It took 2 hours time to read your blogs. If you read your own blogs you will understand why you have failed.

    1. Thanks, however would have been happier to know from you why I have failed.

  19. Sheo,

    Thanks a lot for good Info. I personally liked the way you dedicated the site to Parents. I am a software professional working in MNC in bangalore but basically from Hyderabad. Want to invest in agriculture near and around Hyderabad. Do you have any idea about liveinnaturehomes.com venture of vanamahotsavam?

  20. I am a structural design engineer want to practise organic farming in my village in coastal Odisha after my retirement in 2017. Sheo , you are my inspiration to dedicate my farm to my beloved mother who had the hobby of farming . The name will be PRAVA GREEN .Keep posting your status. God bless you.

  21. Hi Sheo,
    Thanks for putting this blog and motivating so many people. Can you please share your contact details. i am planning to visit your farm.