Rameshwari Natural Farm is pure natural and organic farm. We never till our farm land. We implement traditional way of farming without chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

Sometimes we do use organic manure, green manure (made from leaves, grasses, animal dungs etc.) in our farm.

Below are some of the farm produces available

1. Green Gram (Moong)

2. Coriander (Dhania)

3. Ridge Gourd (Jhingi)

4. French Beans 

5. Corn

6. Lady Finger

7. Bitter Gourd

8. Bottle Gourd

9. Tomato

10. Seem (Phali) 

11. Spinach (Palak)

12. Brinjal

13. Cauliflower

14. Cabbage

15. Cucumber

16. Lemon Grass

Contact us for more details.

Disclaimer: The actual products may look differently, pictures are for illustration purpose only.