Below is some useful links I have came across related with Zero Budget Farming (ZBF) or Organic farming

Natural Farms website
  1. Bhaskar Save's website -
  2. Vanashree -
  3. Greenlocal -
  4. Solitude farm - 
  5. Farm yeah - (pointReturn people perhaps)
Natural farming related useful websites / blogs / resources
  1. Raju Titus - Natural farming blog (News published on Times Of India - )
  2. Subhash Palekar Zero Budget Farming - 
  3. Naturay Way of Farming -
  4. Important .pdfs/documents related with Natural Farming / Permaculture - (Thanks to L. R. Ramesh for sharing this link)
  5. - Information on agroforestry 
  6. - Nandakumar's farm website
  7. - A small group of people promoting natural/organic farming, have kept a lot of video resources
Natural/Organic Farming Videos
  1. Natural / Organic farming videos -
  2. Natural / Organic video YouTube channel -

  1. Fukuoka Farming Yahoo group -
  2. RainWaterHarvesting Yahoo group -
Other farms website
  1. Savera farm - 
Inspirational stories
  1. - Farming related articles, discussion forums, news, farm listing, resources, videos, community members posts and market place to buy sell stuffs
  2. - Discussion of Agricultural stuffs
  3. - More than a discussion forum, provides some more info in terms of Agricultural ads, magazines etc.
Water related
Andhra Pradesh WALTA Act


  1. Also include this website in your listing. Thank you!

  2. Is this site INACTIVE currently,,, i tried to contact through mail and the chat in the site ,,,, no response either ways !!!!!!!!!

    By the way i just came over to the area your farm is situated,,, nice to see it live :)

  3. Hello there is one website you must include is